Monday, April 14, 2008

A Man-umental Day

We’re continuing our "A Day in the Life" rotation, moving into our boys theme.

As I pondered this topic, I thought of a male-driven monumental day on the second season of TV show, LOST. It opened with posing a problem, struggled with its ramifications, then closed with resolution. But warning: SPOILER. I discuss the entire day, so if you’re presently watching episodes before Season Two, Episode Four, you’ll want to stop reading now...

Still here? Okay!

Entitled “Everyone Hates Hurley,” it was the day that Hugo “Hurley” Reyes had to come to terms with his newly assigned job, being in charge of the food that had been discovered in the hatch.

His day starts with a dream: he’s in the food pantry, eating with abandon, when the Korean-speaking Jin tells him, in English, that everything’s going to change.

Hurley wakes to the reality and enormity of his newly assigned job--to inventory the food and figure out how to make it last. Until then, nobody is to get anything.

Hurley enlists Rose's help and confides in her that his biggest worry is that as keeper of the food, he'll turn into the most hated man on the island. So he keeps the contents of the hatch a secret, even from his most trusted friend, Charlie.

Mid-day, he flashes back to right after he won the lottery, and how he kept that news from his best friend, fearing everything would change.

As the day goes on, the pressure builds in Hurley.

In another flashback, he remembers how hurt his best friend was when he found out about the lottery win that Hurley had kept from him.

By evening, Hurley decides to use the dynamite in their possession to blow up the hatch and thereby, solve all of his problems.

But Rose interrupts him, so Hurley comes up with an alternative solution. He realizes there's plenty of food to last for a while, so why not be generous and hand some of it out now, just as he did with his lottery winnings?

We close on the survivors feasting like they never have before.

It’s not just "A Day in the Life" for Hurley, but a monumental one, as he has he faced down some of the demons he brought with him to the island, and problem-solved in a way that makes everyone happy. And it doesn’t get much better than that!

Anyone else ever have a monumental day?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
I have to veer from answering your question to pose one of my own. How come after all these years on that island with very little food (I assumed)and lots of physical exercise didn't Hurley lose some weight?

I'll be back with my monunmental day.


TinaFerraro said...

Good question! And as a rabid--uh avid--LOST fan, I can tell you someone asked his character this on the show, and he said he had lost weight, but he was so big, it wasn't noticeable to anyone but him.

Just recently, I read somewhere that he, the actor, has lost a bunch of weight, but again, not so noticeable. I don't know if that's for his character or the story behind it.

Thanks, Janie!

stephhale said...

I'm with Janie. I know they haven't been on the island that long (in show terms) but we should be seeing some loss by now. The Biggest Loser people just started in January! :)
Monumental days are so rare. My fav's are my wedding day, and the birth's of both my sons (after the pain was over, of course)

Me said...

Oh, Hurley. I've still only seen Season One, but I don't think you spilled any major spoilers. It's nice to see characters who don't have black-or-white views. The world is shades of gray, and what seems like the right decision to some, seems like the worst to others. Sometimes I struggle with that, with seeing more than one point of view--and it usually leads to seriously delayed decision-making. =)

The Golfing Librarian said...

Desperate Housewives, Lost--when do you ladies find time to write? ;-)
I suppose I shouldn't talk. After watching the Masters this weekend, I feel a relapse coming on! Hmmm...let's see now, where did I put my sponsor's phone numbers?