Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday

I just finished my bagel, turkey bacon, and XXX Vitamin Water and I'm ready to face the day. Man, I find it sooooooooooo hard to wake up these days, especially when it's cold outside and the blankets (and kitties) are sooooo warm.

Don't really have a post per se today, just thought I'd post some random things:
  1. If you or anyone you know has a Christmas Miracles story to share for my upcoming book, please visit the website and post your story. We pay for the submissions we're using in the book. Please spread the word!
  2. If you missed my television debut (still sounds goofy saying that!), MY GHOST STORY is now up on YouTube in five parts. Our segment is at the end of part one and the beginning of part two. Let me know what you think!
  3. Tonight is the finale of America's Next Top Model. Who do you think will win? My money is on McKey.
  4. For a really good laugh, check out these idiots on a surveillance camera in Saratoga, Florida.
  5. What are you cooking for Thanksgiving? I'm going to try a few recipes from the Barefoot Contessa. Just love her!
  6. Here's an interesting news video about wearing high heels.
  7. I already have my tickets bought for the 7:15 p.m. showing of TWILIGHT on Friday night! Can't wait!!!

Do you have any random thoughts to share? Come on, tell us! We love potpourri!

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Marley = )

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TinaFerraro said...

Fun stuff, Marley!

I've wracked my brain for a Christmas miracle story to contribute...just don't have one! All the more reason I want to read your book!

And tell us, how ARE those adorable kitties?

Heather Davis said...

Okay, I'm totally going to watch America's Next Top Model. My fave was Elena (I think that's her name and she's still in the running...) I was actually glad that that silly Marjorie was eliminated. She was sweet but so insecure.

Good Potpourri!

Jessica said...

Marley - I'm so glad you posted the links to your appearance on the Biography channel! I don't have that channel with my cable package so I missed your big TV moment. You and Mike looked and sounded fantastic. What a scary adventure, but one I bet proved to be great research for your Ghost Huntress books (which I can't wait to read!). Hope all is well with you!

Susanne Saville said...

Just a random comment to say I completely agree with you - it's SO hard to wake up when the air is cold and the kitties are warm. :)

stephhale said...

I'm positive that I am the only person alive who has never watched ANTM. It just never had the urge to watch. I love that it is getting darker earlier but it does make getting up harder, especially at 5am which my youngest has been doing this week!