Friday, December 26, 2008

Boys (bad and good) & their toys!

Ah, boys and their toys. I'm not talking about Legos (that are scattered about my house just waiting for my bare feet to find), or the Polar Express train set that is now taking up 3/4 of my living room floor, I'm talking about the time-consuming, money-sucking, space-eating toys that BIG boys like.

My husband's current obsession is four wheelers. He thinks he needs one for himself and two mini's for the boys. This is all very fine and good. But what about the 1981 CJ Jeep he had to have seven years ago? Or the two snowmobiles that don't run but he refuses to part with? And exactly how many power tools does a man who doesn't fix things need? Hmm....

So we made a deal, if he puts the Jeep back together, yes, not only is it taking up precious space where I could be parking a new car, but it is also undriveable because he took it apart to "spiff it up" and never put it back together. So he agreed to put it back together and sell it and the snowmobiles THEN get four-wheelers. I'm pretty sure we had this same conversation a year ago but I humored him.
(This isn't "the jeep", this one looks way better!)So what is your guy/previous guy into? Baseball cards? Coins? Cars? Motorcycles? Does it annoy you or do you just love seeing how excited he gets talking about his hobby?

Congrats to Simone on her new release, PERFECT CHEMISTRY. Now go use those gift cards and get yourself a copy!!!



TinaFerraro said...

Hey, Steph! The boy toys at my house include a woodworking table saw and cement-mixer! My husband relaxes by doing home improvements. =)

Anonymous said...

I don't have a bf but it's really fun seeing guys getting all excited talking about their hobbies : ) they're super silly.

sunnynikki said...

Despite all the weird boys and their toys issues I've dealt with over the years (motorcycles spread out in pieces over the living room, rock climbing gear hung from the walls etc) I can't really complain. I own so much outdoor gear I had to devote a garage and closet to it and I'm up to 6 book cases that are stuffed.

Now if only I could have a current boyfriend with an obsession for motorcycles...

Simone Elkeles said...

My dad loved his stamp collection. I loved my stuffed animal collection. My husband loves his Lego's still...I think he buys them for himself and not the kids even though he says it's for the kids.

To be honest, I'm the one who has the table saw and jigsaw and chainsaw. My husband likes watching me cut down the trees while he watches from the kitchen drinking his coffee.