Sunday, December 07, 2008

Decorating for the Holidays

Behold the mighty tinsel tree!

It's Christmas time at my place and here is the Target beauty that signals the start of the festivities.

Back in the day, when my digs were larger, I had a full on pine tree, with all the smells and lush sights that come with it. There's nothing like that wonderful forest smell.

Nowadays, my small place is better suited to the tabletop variety. I put the cat on the table, so she could smell the tree and ornaments -- and we had a frank discussion about her not jumping up there to check it out on her own. Well, as much as you can have a frank discussion with a cat. So far, so good. I was the culprit who broke the first ornament this year. Harper has a perfect record.

Here she is lounging by the radiator and checking out me wrapping a growing pile of presents.

How do you guys decorate? Does your family have special oraments or decorations for Hanukkah or Christmas?

Btw, I can't wait for both holidays... My friend Jen is having her 3rd annual Hanukkah party and making the most delicious latkes in the world. Yum. And I know it's nice for her, with family far away, to gather her friends together and share her traditions and stories.

Are you excited yet? I think this whole country needs a little Christmas and Hanukkah now...


Never Cry Werewolf - HarperTeen June 2009
The Clearing - Houghton-Mifflin Graphia Spring 2010


TinaFerraro said...

Heather, we are seriously batting around the idea of a fake tree this year...and then, on out, naturally. But in any case, Christmas is at my house, so I've started decorating...

stephhale said...

I can't believe how big Harper has gotten! I have to admit that I kind of have rage issues when it comes to holiday decorating. I love looking at the decorations but hate putting them up. We didn't really do any outside decorations this year. We usually have this giant snowman that you can probably see from space but my hubby says it has mysteriously disappeared, which is code for he's too dang lazy to dig it out of the garage!

Kwana said...

I Love your cute tree. I used to have a little table top in my apartment. Now it's a Martha special. I just decorated it last night. Have a shot of my dog, Jack looking not so happy in front of it. Funny.

TinaFerraro said...

I second Steph's comment about how big Harper has gotten. Fluffy adorable!