Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Who Should Play Kendall?

So, as you may know, I sold the film rights to the first three GHOST HUNTRESS books to the fabulous folks at Shoulderhill Films. They are hard at work trying to find the perfect screenwriter for the project, as well as the right movie company. They've started a GHOST HUNTRESS fan page on Facebook (please join!) and are asking fans who you think should play Kendall?

So...who do you think should play here?

Here are some of the top suggestions so far...

Victoria Justice

Miley Cyrus

Miranda Cosgrove

Demi Lovato

Emma Watson

Or do you have another suggestion? Let me know!

Marley = )

Ghost don't hang up their sheets November 1st


Michelle Santiago said...

I say demi or emma watson. olve them both!

Michelle Santiago said...

LOL I meant "love"

kiran said...

Emma Watson, for sure.
lol anyone but Miley. she's a horrible actress, in my opinion.

Unknown said...


I would have to say Emma Watson.
Cant wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

I think that Demi L looks like a Kendall. I would say Emma, but b/c it looks like Kendall is American (i have yet to read the books; but I will soon!) Emma's Brit accent might throw people off, especially people who watch the movies and never read the books (so annoying!).

Anonymous said...

same anon @ 2:43-
Or how about Alexandra Daddario from The Lightning Theif (yes I know she's 23, and maybe too old for Kendall, but she's a good actress)?

TinaFerraro said...

Any of them! Wonderful choices! And I did join the Facebook page!

Me said...

Emma would be a great Kendall and just the type of girl I pictured while reading.

petra said...

emma needs something now that the harry potter movies are done. she would be a cool kendall.

nymfaux said...

I really like the pics of Victoria Justice, Demi, and Emma--have you emailed them to see if they've read your books???--I can't imagine how excited you must be!!!!!!

Although, I like Miley in some stuff, I have a hard time picturing her doing this straight...Of course, that might be just what she needs...Right now she's kind of the definition of the difference between Movie Stars and Actors--they're by no means mutually exclusive, but when I see a Movie Star, I watch THEM, when I see an ACTOR, I watch the movie...and them.

Congratulations on your success!!! I wish you the best!!!

please keep us posted! :)

Bidisha said...

So cool!
But...I'd mention someone not on your list: Willa Holland. She's so kickass Kendall-style.

Anonymous2.0 said...

I think that Victoria Justice should play Kendall. Emma Watson is too blonde and British to be Kendall, and Miranda just isn't who I pictured as Kendall. But anyone would be better than Miley and Demi. Disney Channel stars should stay on Disney channal for the kids cuz they're typically horrible actors/singers.

Margay Leah Justice said...

I agree with Chelleyreads - anyone but Miley. I think either Demi or Miranda because they seem to fit my picture of Kendall best.

Steph said...

Victoria Justice- she has the perfect face, perfect age, etc. (I've already commented on a Facebook status about all the good reasons it should be her and other suggestions.)

Also, Emma Watson would be amazing. She would probably bring more of the quiet, mysterious type characteristics to Kendall than Victoria Justice would. (But, don't get me wrong, Victoria Justice is a great actress.)

All of these suggestions are great, but I beg you not to choose Miley Cyrus- I don't like her acting and she might ruin the series for me if I go see the movie (which I ENTIRELY plan on!!). Demi Lovato isn't my favorite actress either, but I would choose her over Miley Cyrus any day. I think that Demi Lovato doesn't really grow into her character much. By this, I mean that I don't think she really tries acting like her character. She seems to be the same person in every show or movie she is in/on.

A new actress who has never been heard of before and is just starting out but has great acting skills is another option that I think would be great. She would already know what kind of mood the story is set in because it's based on a book series, so it would be a great beginning.

I picture a girl with long, dirty blond hair that's curly, very much like the girl on each cover. (The reason I picture her this way is pretty obvious.) However, I do make little tweaks to the Kendall I imagine as I read more because something happens or my mind just changes the picture. For this reason, Emma Watson has the looks because of her hair and her overall image.

Whoever you choose will be great because, as the author, you know what you had intended her to look like and how she was going to act, so the person you choose will be very similar to what we are all expecting. Good luck! :)

Wendy Toliver said...

I def. vote for Emma Watson! :)

Heather Davis said...

Wow, those are all great choices, Marley. I was picturing someone like Emma Watson, I guess - or who is the girl from Hotel for Dogs? Is that Emma Roberts? She'd be great, too.