Thursday, September 02, 2010

Release Week for Ghost Huntress: The Counseling!

Yay! We're celebrating the launch of Marley's new book, the 4th in her Ghost Huntress series. Release weeks rock because they usually mean giveaways, and Marley's series is so good!

I, too, loved the first three books and let's just say they were realistic enough to make me turn off the white noise app on my iPhone that I'd slept to for a year. I totally kept thinking some spirit was going to talk to me through it. Then again, I'm what you call a ghost-sensitive person. Which means, I can't wait to read The Counseling... with the lights on.

So, we've been talking about the hard choices we've had to make in order to find our own paths. Sometimes, though, the choices we make are in response to things we can't control. I know that's what's happened in my life during the last five years.

I sold my debut novel in the midst of a terrible break-up, which had me contemplating moving away from my job, friends, and hometown. I had had the choice to stay in the town where my ex lived, or to move back to the big bad city and start completely from scratch. I thought for awhile that staying in the town where my support systems (church, work, friends, neighbors) were would be the best choice.

But sometimes, life helps you out toward the decision you need to make.

First, I found out that more bad things were happening with the ex. Then there was a wildfire on the hill above my rental house which had me packing for an impending evacuation, and then, once the wildfire danger had passed, the owner of my rental home told me the house was about to be seized for tax issues. Um... universe? Were you trying to tell me something? I loaded up my broken down Hyundai with clothes, computer, and my manuscripts, and drove to the city with only $300 in my pocket and the promise of my sister's guest room for a few weeks.

I had no idea what I was going to do next, but leaving town was the right thing. Sometimes, life helps you out. Kind of like that old Alannis Morissette song - you know the one. And it all worked out beautifully in the end, just the way it was all meant to work out. My life is so much happier now, so thank you, disasters - you really did help.

So anyway, now it's time for you to enter to win a copy of Ghost Huntress: The Counseling --

In comments - tell me about a time where you were set to do one thing, but then the universe suddenly helped you to a different path. Or, just tell me if you're afraid of ghosts (that one's a lot easier).

Oh, after you comment, go over to Marley's website to enter more giveaways. Here's the link --


Wherever You Go - Harcourt Fall 2011
Never Cry Werewolf - HarperTeen Paperback - next week!
The Clearing - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Out now


TinaFerraro said...

Great blog, Heather! Well, long, long ago, I left college on a whim...and never returned there. It was definitely impulsive, but considering how pleased I have been with my life, I can't say I regretted it!

brendajean said...

I moved out of state within a day of deciding I wanted to. It was a grand adventure and I made lifelong friends along the way:)

Llehn said...

I sleep with the lights on so, yes, I'm afraid of ghosts!!

Kari said...

I've considering become a ghost hunter for fun, but I know that I'd run, screaming in terror, if anything paranormal happened near me. I read Project 17 while watching Ghost Hunters and couldn't sleep that night. When I lay on my right side in bed, I can see out my window, and I was afraid that I'd see a ghost staring at me from outside. i have no idea why i'd think that, but it just added to my paranoia

elaing8 said...

Well since I've never seen a ghost I can't say if I'm afraid of them. But I'm guessing if I do see a ghost I'll probably scream like a school

nymfaux said...

very interesting post!!!! I can definitely relate, but for some reason I'm having trouble thinking of good examples...

I wouldn't say I'm afraid of ghosts, but definitely respectful. I've never had any encounters, but I've had weird things--the things you can't really explain, and aren't sure where they come from, but that make you wonder.

nymfaux said...

Oooh!!! I thought of an example--I don't know if my sister counts as the universe or not, but somehow, it seems like anytime I plan to get stuff done on MY day off--cleaning, laundry, a project, whatever--suddenly SHE magically has the day off, and whatever SHE needs to get done always trumps my stuff--It seems like no matter how I try to work around her, my intentions are blocked and I was distracted--

--this happened a lot when we were both working jobs with (supposedly) different days off

Steph said...

I am not afraid of ghosts. I don't know how to channel them or anything along those lines, but I don't fear ghosts. If I could feel or sense a spirit, I would be willing to speak with it. However, I do fear what might happen to me if I allowed it to enter my body and speak through me because I am not trained or informed in this area. So, instead, I just leave it to the professionals (fictional and real) such as Kendall and the entire TAPS team. :)

Michelle Santiago said...

i don't believe in ghosts but sometimes, say after watching a scary movie, i psych myself out and am convinced that if i turn around the murderer guy will be behind me.