Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Is it seriously already October?

Hey, hey, hey!'s October already. Where has this year gone? Wheeeeeeeeee!!!

You must forgive me as I'm wicked busy this week planning events and booking travel. As you can imagine, October is "Christmas season" for us ghost we're in great demand!

So, while I'm busy RSVPing to invitations to speak and such, I'm gonna let you win a copy of my "Halloween" book: GHOST HUNTRESS: THE GUIDANCE.

Leave a comment in the trail about what you plan to go as this Halloween...or, if you're not dressing up, then tell us the best costume you've done in the past. For me, it would have to be when I went as a Navy Blue Crayola. LOL!!

Winner will be announced next Wednesday!

Marley = )


Brenna Kaye said...

Hi Marley, Win a free copy of a Ghost Huntress book, eh? I'm up for giving that a shot. Well, I won't be able to dress up this year, but I do love dressing up and I love good ghost stories. Two of my best costumes were actually SCA inspired. My husband and I attended a party where we dressed as a lord and lady. Our persona periods were no where near matched, his was 6th century Moorish and mine was 10th century Germanic (or as close as I could get it). He looked dashing in his tan colored sleeveless gambeson -quilted with carpet padding and electrostatic mat filler, long flowing abaya (robe) of cream and brown twine trim, dark pantaloons, black combat boots, lion-head medallion, and sheik-style white cotton headdress with facial veil (male Bedouin did the veil for a while). My costume was lovely in flowing azure velvet(long sleeves, long in the waist, and a 4-ft train), adorned with a floor length wrap-around chain mail belt, faux-fur collar of rich sable, "Juliet" style chain and Austrian crystals headdress and white lace ankle boots and gloves. Yeah there's a lot of "modern" pieces listed, but as the saying goes: "If they'da had it, they'da used it." The garb mavens adored his and tsk-tksed mine. Go fig.

So have some fun today!

Steph said...

Though I already own a copy of The Guidance, I'll still comment. I know that I am going trick-or-treating still this year with a couple friends... I just don't know what I'll be going as. Yet. One of my most creative costumes has to be when I was a die. A die as in the die that you roll in a game. (Plural- dice) When I was in Girl Scouts, we walked in this Christmas parade for another town. My troop all had to dress up as presents. So we took some big boxes and put wrapping paper all over it. (If I remember correctly, I think we put the little bow things on top of our heads.) This box was just sitting in my garage, and I needed a costume. So we ripped off the paper and painted it all white. I traced large circles on each side (to fit the amount of an actual die) and painted them black. I got a little plastic top hat and trick-or-treated. The costume was both creative and inexpensive, so all was a success! :)
I really am feeling that October feel and I am truly excited for Halloween this year. I don't know exactly why, but I have this excitement boiling up inside of me.

Anonymous said...

This year I'm going as Elphaba from Wicked. My friend is going as Glinda and my other friend is going as Nessarose from Wicked. Our other friends are going as a Munchkin and another one of my friends is going as a flying monkey. last year I went as Pippi Longstocking. That was very fun. I loved my clothes- hanger braids.

Unknown said...

With my husband being a Nuke in the Navy working in the ReActor department on the ship. I thought it would be funny going as a Nukes Wife. I had on glow in the dark hair spray with make up and even sprayed my clothes to glow, all you saw in black was the words, Nukes Wife on my front shirt. Got many laughs on base that year taking my kids trick or treating.

Jerry S said...

I'll be going as a Baltimore Hon! Always an easy, fun costume!

nymfaux said...

OMG!!!! I just finished THE COUNSELING--My first Ghost Huntress book, I know that was a little backwards of me but SO GOOD!!!! I would LOVE to win a copy of The Guidance.

I have no idea what I'm doing for Halloween, yet, but a few years ago I did this awesome Victor/Victoria inspired cross-dressing outfit--kind of a bad cross-dresser--I wore a huge wig, loud make-up, fake eye-lashes that were winking at people whether I meant them to or not. I found a silk scarf and this loud colored blouse shoulder pads and all kinds of polka-dots, and I wore a padded bra with extra padding. I wore my highest heels and went around flirting and winking at my friends and co-workers all day, everyone thought it was hilarious!!! :)

Vicky said...

My best one was when I was 15 and went t&ting with my best friends. OK, our parents said we were too old, but we managed to convince them this was our "last year". We decided to make it a big one. I purloined one of my mother's (very) old evening gowns, blue taffata, cut low in the front, but only 3/4 length, sewed a few bright orange ostrich feathers to a velvet cap and went as a can-can girl. Even learned how to do the dance. At every house my friends sang the classic can-can song and I went into action. Needless to say, our "haul" was the best ever and we all had a great time. What a way to go out!

Jaz said...

I am dressing up as a girl version of the mad hatter. I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland! This book looks awesome, thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I went as Zorro one year (and I'm a girl!) It was really great fun to have a sword and everything. I love Halloween.