Friday, February 18, 2011

You outta be in pictures....

I spend a lot of time at Sam's Club. I have two growing boys that eat like every meal is going to be their last, so bulk is my friend. I was cruising through the electronics department drooling over the crystal clear flat screen TV's when I came across some digital picture frames.

I'm still kind of old school when it comes to pictures that I display in my home. All of them are just prints framed in frames. I know, right? I've been tossing around the idea of a digital picture frame for a while but was worried that it would just be something else with software and lots of cords that I would have to try and remember where I put.
(I am not being compensated by Kodak, but I wouldn't turn down a Pulse either. Just sayin')

I came across this. So cool. It's the Kodak Pulse. And I'm sure other brands beside Kodak have these, this just happens to be the one I saw and am currently drooling over. You can actually email your pictures directly to this frame and automatically upload Facebook pictures to it. Can you imagine waking up to new pictures every morning that people had emailed to you the night before? How insanely cool, right?

(I've always loved books! How cute was I?)

We sure have come along way since the days of shaking those Polaroids, huh? Yeah, I'm THAT old. How do you display your pictures?



TinaFerraro said...

Steph, like you, I'm getting very interested in digital frames. But when I pull back, they seem so Jetson-like that it kind of freaks me out. LOL.

And LOVE the picture of you as a toddler reading! I see your boys in your!

nymfaux said...

lol--I love how they lure you in with the "save money buying in bulk" and then lead you straight to electronics--"I will take two cases of flat screens and a 10 pack of gameboys,please"

That being said, it does sound totally drool worthy!!!--I'm curious how long it keeps a charge/how often you need to charge it.

Definitely a long way since Polaroids!--though I was always told you weren't supposed to shake them, that that smeared the pictures ;)

--Actually, I just found out that Polaroid has this mini printer--I think it uses bluetooth and can use it instantly print pics off your phone---looks like SO much fun, I'm totally in love!!!

(and you look SUPER CUTE in that pic!!!)

Jami said...

I'm just going to go out on a limb here, knowing that you may be thinking that I am either crazy or lying or tell you that I TOTALLY invented this like 5 years ago. I said "wouldn't it be cool if you could send pictures to grandma out of state and they would just appear in her digital frame?" And poof! Here it is!

It worked so well, I'll have to start dreaming up my next invention! Any requests?

stephhale said...

Thanks for the great comments, ladies!

Jami, I want a robot house cleaner like the Jetson's had. :)

Cindy said...

I'm old school when it comes to vintage pics. Love the one of you as a tot (and's not that old. At least it's in color, right?)

And Jami, while you're at it, I'll take a washer that dries, folds, and puts away clothing automatically.