Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Anonymous Secrets

This week the Buzz Girls are celebrating the release of Ghost Huntress: The Reason by our very own Marley Gibson. You can enter to win a signed copy of this awesome book by leaving comments each day. Since the main character, Kendall Moorehead, discovers a BIG secret, Marley thought it would be fun to discuss secrets this week, and I can't agree more!

Today I'm writing about anonymous secrets. I remember an episode of an old TV show called Cashmere Mafia, where people were invited to a NY art show and given invisible paint to write their secret on a wall. Then the lights went out and everybody's secrets glowed in the dark. Something else that comes to mind is PostSecret. Have you ever heard of it? According to their web-site, "PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard." I remember reading something about about it in a fashion magazine a loooong time ago, and when I read some of the postcards people had sent in, I remember being impressed about the quality of the artwork, and as I started reading the secrets, I felt kind of weird, like a voyeur. I experienced a wide spectrum of emotions as I read each secret. Sure, there were weird and gross confessions like "I pee in the shower," but ones to the tune of "I truly think I'm ugly" made me so depressed! Then again, some are inspiring, like this one I read today: "My anxiety is not the boss of me" or snippets of would-be suicides stopped by a stranger's kind words.

For a chance to win a copy of Ghost Huntress: The Reason and find out what big secret Kendall is going to discover, leave a comment about a secret of yours, a friend's, or a stranger's that lifted your spirits. But do not tell us whose secret it is! Keep it anonymous. Okay, I'll go first: Uplifting secret: I went out with him because I felt sorry for him and ended up falling in love.


Anna R said...

I had a horrible experience when I was younger. I am writing about it in a book and that has helped me face what happened.

TinaFerraro said...

Hmmm...sort of Pop Secret-like. (I do enjoy that blog now and then.) Okay, how about one that makes me smile:

I know someone who lied about her weight to the delivery nurse because she didn't want her husband to know how much weight she'd really gained in her pregnancy!

chelleyreads said...

ghost huntress sounds very interesting. marley gibson is a new to me author. ooooo!! i love post secret! sorry can't think of an uplifting secret but here's a secret:

I know someone who bought an expensive Gucci bag and told her husband that it only costs a $100.

RagDollVampGirl said...

She Told Everyone He Liked Her, But He Called Me Later And Said He Loved Me.

Precious said...
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AllisonPaige25 said...

.. I leave library book receipts in the books I like so that someone with the same interest has my name and can find me online and we can become good friends..

Wendy Toliver said...

Whoah, those are some secrets all right! Thanks for commenting. You're entered to win a signed copy of Ghost Huntress: The Reason!

Anna, I'm glad that writing about your past experience is somewhat therapeutic for you though I wish nothing bad had ever happened at all to you!

Tina, haha! Want to know something crazy? My driver's license is my REAL weight. But I admit I didn't want my husband knowing how much I weighed while pregnant, like your example.

chelleyreads, I really think you'll like Marley's books. She puts so much research (she actually goes out and hunts ghosts to see what it's like!) into them and has such a fun, chick-litty voice. Ouch on the Gucci bag secret. Hope her hubby never finds out!

RagDollVampGirl, that's a juicy secret! Would make a great book!

AllisonPaige25, that secret is kind of funny but also kind of sad. Here's one that I will confess to. The other day I left a bookmark advertising one of my books in a library book I returned. Not sure if the librarian will leave it in, but I thought it was worth a shot! LOL

AllisonPaige25 said...

Good idea! I bet she'll leave it in.. who knows you may obtain a lifetime follower because of that! =)

bookaholic said...

I know a teenager who lied to her parents claiming that she had gained weight when she actually was pregnant! Of course they found out later but even then..she was so scared at the time they asked her about her increasing stomach,she couldn't confess I guess.

Cara King said...

A secret that lifts the spirits...I suspect that's the exception, because I'm having trouble thinking of one!

Okay, here's one: I complain about my cat whining and demanding my attention while I'm working, but on some level I'm flattered that he needs me so much... :-)


nymfaux said...

OMG--That's so awesome to think a real author left a bookmark out there--I hope you autographed it!--It would be like a treasure hunt! I'm such a book-groupie!

A friend married her husband...before the wedding--They were getting stressed out with all the details, so they decided to just go ahead and do it--Then they were able to relax and enjoy their wedding :)

Llehn said...

I know someone who took an expensive coffee table book out of the office library and claimed that someone else took it. Of course I only found this out after I was at another job.

Precious said...

I couldn't be with him. Then she said he courted someone else. Then he told me he loves no one but me.


Wendy Toliver said...

I hope so, AllisonPaige25! :)

Oh my gosh, bookaholic! That is a HUGE secret.

Cara, that is interesting! And not that it's a secret, but Tina and I are also big cat fans!

Nymfaux, that's funny b/c my dad is getting married next month and they're going to get married before the ceremony too. (And psst, send me your mailing addy via wendytoliver.com if you'd like a signed bookmark.)

Llehn, oh man, the stealing secret! Methinks you will like my next novel, Lifted! LOL

Precious, so romantic!

Y'all are all entered to win a signed copy of Marley Gibson's latest and greatest! Good luck!

nymfaux said...

Thanks Wendy!

Will do!

Bee said...

Wow, fun AND revealing! XD

Here's one: I cried 'cause I wanted him, he cried 'cause he didn't.

And another: She thought she could take me down, she didn't know her brother was there to catch me.