Thursday, May 06, 2010

Secret Crush...

Hooray for debut week of Buzz Girl Marley Gibson's latest in the series of Ghost Huntress Books! Ghost Huntress Book 3 The Reason is another fun read and this time, a major secret is revealed that changes everything for Kendall Moorhead, teen ghost investigator.

So, secrets is the theme of our celebration week -- and posting in comments can win you a signed copy of the book! We'll announce winners this weekend.

I think there are some really big secrets when in comes to love - specifically who you love. I can remember secret crushes in high school and college -- the ones that are hopefully never revealed, right? There's something cool about liking someone and never letting it be known - the warm glow you feel when your crush is around, the hope that you'll run into him, that he'll look your way.

My best friend in high school had a crush on this guy Byron - a smart, cool, nerdy guy who was on the literary magazine and took advanced placement chemistry. Notably, she had nothing in common with Byron. I'm still not sure how she even knew him in the first place. Still, the crush was alive and growing. Every day she would post herself at our locker, hoping that she would see him pass in the hallways. A glimpse of him had her smiling all the way to lunch. And he never ever knew.

Somehow, it didn't matter to her. In fact, if she'd ever talked to him, maybe it would've ruined the magic of the crush. In the end, the crush wore off -- all without her ever speaking to Byron. I'm sure she's looked him up on FB, though, trying to see where he ended up.

In comments, tell us about a secret crush you had. Don't tell us any names, just give us the dirt about who he was and how you got over him. We'll choose a winner to receive Marley's new book.

Happy Release Week, Marley!


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AllisonPaige25 said...

I was a freshman in high school and was soo nervous about the first day of band camp.. when I got there and we got introduced to everyone in our sections I noticed this really amazingly hot guy, that after a little research I figured out he was a junior. As time went on I became close with one of the junior girls in my section who was a good friend of his. He would come over and talk to her and occassionally he would hold a conversation with me.. I had never been a giggly googly eyed girl but boy did he ever bring that side out in me.. I could barely get a word in without losing my train of thought or my face turning a bright tomato red.. I never told my friend straight out but I'm sure she knew by the way I would act around him.. as time progressed we actually started dating and I was SO IN LOVE. As most guys do, he had "the ex" and she was not happy about our relationship, so because they had a history she started hanging around flirting with him and I'm sorry to say he eventually gave in and broke up with me for her.. after a while of being completely devastated I realized that if he could throw away a relationship with someone who truly cared about him for someone who clearly just wanted him while he was with someone else then maybe he wasn't good for me after all.

chelleyreads said...

he is the son of one of my teachers. and this teacher is also in my church so i see him there too. i had a crush on him all throughout high school and only got over him after he left home for college and i never saw him anymore.

Cara King said...

There was this one guy...tall, blond, wild...and he was lead singer in this band at my college who covered some of the more freaky 60s music. He was so hot! Totally out of my league, I knew. But one time his band played a free concert, and I was the only one dancing. And he smiled at me. He smiled at me!

Gave me a warm glow for a week.

nymfaux said...

The classic teacher crush.

I still sigh when I think about him. I remember the first time I saw him. I was a freshman and somehow had not seen him all year. The last day of school, as I was walking out of the building, "something" made me turn my head back, and I saw him standing there. In that instant, I felt a CLICK. Even though I'd never seen him before, I knew who he was.

I spent all summer dreaming out being in his class the following year. Everything was perfect--For once alphabetical seating worked out perfectly to my advantage--his desk was to the side of the room, not the front, and my desk sat right next to his. Also, EVERYONE else hated the class--So nobody minded when I answered all the questions--I wasn't TOO obvious, since I did that in the other classes, too. I LOVED it, despite/because of him. There were a couple of times where he would make a joke and I was thinking the exact same thing. And I still remember every single time (there weren't many) that he walked past me and just for a second, laid his hand on my shoulder. If, if, if...If he hadn't been happily married, and 40 years older than was 15 years ago, and I still remember every moment.

donnas said...

It was a guy in my classes at school. He was super friendly and I thought he was really cool. He ended up only staying for a year though and then transferred far away.

TinaFerraro said...

One in particular comes to mind when I was about 14. I don't recall any conversations with him, just that seeing him and/or having him look my way absolutely made my day. I still recall those fizzy feelings he instilled in me. I recently got an update on him, and he's done quite well for himself. I'm glad.

Precious said...

He was my classmate. Girls always crushed on him. But unlike them, I wasn't that drawn to him. In PE, we became groupmates for a dance presentation. We needed to do a bit of gymnastics and a few stunts. I was paired with him. He had to lift me so I can reach his shoulders. I wasn't used to it. When I got there, I panicked. The natural thing that a guy would do was to support thr girl. So he did, he held my hands. Then after that we started talking. With every practice we got closer and closer. UNtil it came to the point that he would be close to me in all our classes. We were good friends. Since I was an only child, he sort of offered to be my "brother." Our classmates noticed it. That there was something going on between us. As it turns out, he only gives me that kind of attention. He doesn't really talk and reach out that much to other girls in our class. I guess at that time I was starting to like him. And at one point, I could see that he liked me too. But I guess he didn't make a move because at that time I was trying to save my relationship with my boyfriend. We often reviewed together before our organic chemistry class. He would leave his friends to be with me. Usually it was so noisy that I have to speak directly to his ear for him to hear me. Everytime he puts his arm around my shoulders, I could feel there was something else. Because if you knew me, you'd know that no guy ever touched me that way. I'm big on personal space. We never got to the point where we finally knew the real score. I started avoiding him because I didn't want to hurt my boyfriend and I knew that he was dedicated to his modelling career.

Nikki said...

I had a huge crush on my best guy friend in college for the last three years of college. He was awesome and we had a lot of similar interest. The worst part was seeing him and hanging out with him every day. Other people actually thought we were dating. I haven't seen him since graduation and things got weird toward the end. I'm not sure I'm even over that crush.

Steph said...

I was in 6th grade and I had a crush on this one jerk. I didn't realize, at the time that he was such a jerk, but I really liked him, and I thought he liked me back (and I found that very appealing- lol). I found out (after I started liking him, I think) that my friend also had a crush on him. Everyone in my class hated this girl (but I still remained friends with her- we've been friends since we were 3!!), so I knew that he definitely didn't like her back. But, I didn't really want to hurt her feelings, so I didn't tell her this. Who knows? Maybe I could be wrong?
I didn't want to tell her about my crush because we had this problem in 5th grade. It turns out that the person we were fighting over in 6th grade is twin brothers with the person we were crushing on in 5th grade. (I knew this already, but I thought it would be best to point this out, now.) When I told her about my crush in 5th grade, we had a pretty big fight about who liked him first and blah blah blah blah blah!! After this argument, we still remained friends but we were angry with each other a little bit. I didn't want this to happen again (especially since the boys are twins), so, I didn't tell her.
Later on, I realized that he wasn't so great, at least crush wise. He was cocky, a huge jerk, and I didn't really like him any more. I'm not positive how long I crushed on him, but it was over 3 or 4 months. I still never told my friend, and she ended up liking him from then on until the beginning of this year (8th grade) on and off.
We had this problem again, this year, but instead of hiding it from her, I told her that I like him. I liked him first, so she told me later on that she liked him. We didn't get upset about it with each other, but she was scared to tell me about her new crush. Both of us later on realized that this guy wasn't so great either (he is best friends with our crush from 6th grade), but better as class friends/ acquaintance instead of a crush, for us. And everything ended up how, I think, fate wanted it to be. Lol!! :)

DeNiSe MaDnEsS said...

Oh secret crushes
I have a crush and its one of those classic thing were hes the jock sporty and I'm the girl who read to much and our worlds are different his friends are the people I really dislike we talk but we don't talk talk if that's even possible but I've had a crush on him for my high school carrier that I figured I only liked the idea of him and I I guess only time can help you get over your crush

Mama Bookworm said...

I had a crush on my Algebra teacher in high school. He was barely out of college and super cute. FYI I’m horrible at math. He let me come after school for extra help. I was seriously swooning. Last I heard he is still teaches at my high school but I haven’t seen him in 12 or 13 years. Guess I just revealed my age ;) Distance helped me forget the crush.

Llehn said...

A secret crush I had was a boy I went to school with. He sat behind me in class and I used to get his attention by bringing him cookies and chips and candy. Of course, he already has a girlfriend, but a girl can dream can't she?

Kirsten said...

I had a crush on this boy in my art class. Long hair, bright tshirts, confident blue eyes. We sat pretty close together and I stared at him alot. Never told anyone but it must have been obvious for one day he stood in front of the class and told everyone that I was in love with him. I was SO embarresed! I tried to ignore him after that & my crush on him was over pretty fast. Not a cool move B.!

Monique said...

I had a crush on my best friend at the times crush, only problem was he liked me more but at the same time didnt like either of us in the attractive way, we used to talk on the phone for hours and hours, when my friend found out about it all it didnt turn out so good, i'm not a bar person for not telling her, i just didnt want to hurt her more,
i still talk to that guy now and then, he turned out to be gay, so niether of us had a chance any ways,

bookaholic said...

Well...I went to this summer camp when I was in the eighth grade.He was there too!He used to help me with all the activities.I started liking him a lot and developed a huge crush on him but the sad part is that I never had the courage to tell him.After the camp got over I never got to see him again and eventually I got over him.

Heather Davis said...

OMG, these stories are great, you guys! I'll be choosing a winner at random later, so there's still time to post your crush story to enter.



Bee said...

I have to say, I totally identify with your best friend.
Back in 7th grade I had a killer crush on this guy I knew as a kid. When I saw him again after all those years..tall and superhot..I literally lost my mind. We never ended up speaking. Just staring at him throughout the bus ride to school was enough to keep me smiling all day. It lasted about 3 years.
Then he left the bus and the next time I saw him, he was a druggie..and gradually, I got over him.
But, guess what 6 months back, I saw him again when I was passing by my school. Coincidentally he was also there..and I was gobsmacked! Luckily, I didn't end up doing anything stupid.

YA Vampire Books said...

I had a crush on one of the boys in my class, I thought he was soo cool because he was half english. And I was devestated when I found out that one of my friends also had a crush on him. What happened? Well, I was to shy to even talk to him!

elaing8 said...

a secret crush was my 9th grade french teacher. He was so cute.All the girls had a crush on him.