Saturday, December 30, 2006


Warning: Unabashed fangirl moment ahead!

One of the highlights of my holiday was seeing Dreamgirls on Christmas Day. If you remember Jennifer Hudson -- from American Idol -- she is playing the pivotal role of Effie White in the movie musical.

OMG. She rocked! And this after Simon Cowell, when learning she was being considered for the part, said, "She's not up to it." Uh, soooooo wrong!

During her song, "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" I actually started to cry. It was so perfect -- you have to leave, but you love someone so much you want to stay, but you can't make them love you -- no matter what you do. And you know it.

She so embodied that feeling and that song. She also has the vocal range to hit and carry every note. At one point she's in this pool of light, her and the music and it's captivating! You can feel it down into your bones, people. This girl is going to be a HUGE star. I guess she already has a Golden Globe nomination. I so hope she wins!

Actually, despite what they say about the reserved attitude of the Pacific Northwest, people were clapping and cheering after every one of Jennifer's numbers. There was, it should be noted, a smattering of applause after Beyonce's "Listen". But, just a smattering. We all knew who the star was.

Obviously, I loved this movie. It's all about following your dream, being flexible to grow with your dream, and realizing when you must walk away. And it goes to show -- for all of you A.I. nay-sayers -- that a TV talent reality show can actually feature some true stars in the making.

Has anyone else seen Dreamgirls yet? And... is anyone else looking forward to American Idol....??

Heather Davis
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Simone Elkeles said...

I love American Idol! I just wish Paula, Randy and Simon didn't say the same thing week after week.

I haven't seen Dreamgirls yet. Can't wait to see everything I've missed these past few months I've been writing my third book and on deadline. Thanks for the tip.

Yeah, I think some people from reality television are great. I'm a reality show junkie!

~Simone Elkeles

stephhale said...

I've been hearing lots of good things about this movie and would love to see it, but with two toddlers I pretty much have to wait for it to come out on DVD.
I have to admit I'm not a diehard AI fan. I think it is a wonderful concept because some of these people would never have been discovered if the show wouldn't have been created.
I think I'm just kind of getting out of reality TV. I ditched Survivor in the middle of the season.

TinaFerraro said...

I have heard terrific things about this movie, too, and am putting it on my definitely-gotta-see list. :)