Saturday, August 11, 2007


You'll have to forgive my late post...I went to see Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/Love in concert last night and wow...what a show! He has definitely brought sexy back!


My very, very, very first book that I wrote was when I was fifteen years old and my best friend had her first official boyfriend. Since I didn't have a boyfriend of my own, I lived vicariously through her. He was two years older than us (a senior) and a basketball player. We were cheerleaders and it was the heart of baseball season. Their first kiss was shared when they were standing by the basketball bus after an away game and he "bet" her that she couldn't see inside the bus like he could, flat of his feet. Of course, she couldn't, so he lifted her up so she could see in. As he slid her back to the ground, he kissed her.

Wow. That was just something that belonged in a novel, eh?

At the time, I was obsessed with the First Love by Silhouette books that came out four a month. So, I thought I would write my own First Love book starring my friend and her boyfriend, totally taking from their bus viewing kiss. I wrote about 100 pages of the story. Mostly dialogue. But there are hints of greatness, I must say. Well, at least hints that I'd someday be able to write something more substantial.

My mother kept the story in my "things" at their house and I found it in a box not too long ago. My format is really professional, it's free of typos, and the kiss is very heartwarming. I was really impressed at how on target I was as fifteen.

Which brings me to the innocence of writing. Back then, I didn't know the "rules" or things like goal, motivation, conflict, or head-hopping or things like that. I just wrote. Wrote for the fun of it. Because I had a story to tell. For those of you who want to write, I encourage you to write with naivete and joy and innocence.

Marley = )

Coming in May 2008

What I'm reading right now: Baby Proof by Emily Giffin


TinaFerraro said...

Oh, yeah, Marley, your friend's first kiss WAS charming--great first book material!

I loved First Love from Silhouette, too. In fact, I actually wrote one and submitted it, and got a "nice" rejection telling me they liked my voice, but to work on my story structure...

And woo-hoo on seeing JT!

Anonymous said...


stephhale said...

I have to admit that I don't quite see the hottie factor in JT, but I do love his music. I bet you had a blast.
I love the kiss story, very romantic! I would love to have anything that I wrote from high school. I was terrible about throwing everything away. Not that I wrote any novels, but I would love to get ahold of some of those notes I wrote! :)

Me said...

Aw, Marley, that is so sweet! Those are the kind of things you think don't happen in real life. =)

And Steph, I'm sure I wrote whole novels of notes in high school and junior high.