Saturday, August 02, 2008

More San Fran pics..

Happy Saturday, everybody! I've got some more fabu pics from Nationals to post. Enjoy!

Here are all the Buzz Girls (except me and Tina) at lunch today. This place looks swanky with its purple walls and fancy stools. I'm so jealous!

Here are Heather and Dona at the Pasic reception at Neiman Marcus. Isn't the decor (and the bees, of course) beautiful?

Here is some exciting stuff I found out. That the RITA/GH Ceremony is going to be broadcast live on the Internet tonight at 8pm Pacific time. Yeah, I'll be able to kind of be there to cheer on my favorites while wearing my pj's and eating ice cream! Go to for more details. Also on the RWA homepage is a link to a blog written at Nationals by several authors, including the BBG's own Simone Elkeles (who is up for a RITA tonight!)

I also found this, which gave me goosebumps.





Marley Gibson said...

LOL...I'm in that click for about a milasecond at the beginning 'cause I was sitting by the door. = )

Heather Davis said...

this was at a great, cheap Thai restaurant on Saturday. We. Really missed Tina and Steph, but it was great to have the bees gather to dish and share the love. Congrats to us on TWO years of blogging!!