Friday, March 06, 2009

Spring Break: Park City, Utah!

We are continuing our theme week of presenting mega-cool locations for spring breaks with a trek up to the mountains of Utah to get a first-hand look at what millions and millions of people saw on their TV screens in 2002:

Park City not only has three enormous ski areas with challenges for every level of skier (known as The Greatest Snow on Earth), but enough city-like attractions to please even the most discerning urban dwellers!

Main Street is reminiscent of Park City’s past life as an historic mining town, and is filled with a variety of unique shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries.

In late January, you can mix with Hollywood insiders and other film buffs for the Sundance Film Festival. Here are two attendees from this year’s festival, Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green:

I have been lucky enough to vacation at Park City several times, and have definitely put in hours at the expansive outlet mall and movie theater with the nice, stadium seating. Plus, there’s an adorable bookstore on Main Street called Dolly’s Bookstore, which not only has a homey atmosphere and two resident cats, but a very impressive young adult book section.

Yes, Park City is a definite crowd-pleaser. As is Stephanie Hale’s Aspen Brook series, whose latest book, Spring Break-Up, released just this week. Check it out!


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sweetmelissa818 said...

Fun! I love Seth Green!

Janie Emaus said...

Congrats to Step on her new release!

Great photos.


stephhale said...

I would love to go here, especially during Sundance to star gaze! Thanks for a fun post, Tina!

Anonymous said...

I love Seth Green! He's hilarious!

Heather Davis said...

What a great spot, Tina! I loved your pictures -- so beautiful, all that snow. ;)