Monday, April 20, 2009

Contest Winner!

Last week I offered up a word scramble, in celebration of my crazy Facebook Scrabble addiction. Here it is:


I encouraged readers to figure out and send me the answer ("Buzz Girls Blog") to my e-mail address, to be entered to win a copy of any one of my three books.

I received a nice smattering of replies, and using the Random Number Generator that my husband made for me (no joke there), we do have a winner:


(Megan, let’s talk more about this via e-mail.)

So in celebration of all things Scrabble, tell me if you play on-line or on the old-fashioned board, and any highs or lows or just general memories.

I’ll start the chatter: Scrabble was the one game my mom and I both enjoyed, and as I was moving out, she gave me my own board. She’s been “gone” for many years now, but believe me, I’ve not only still got the board, but played on it many times with my own kids. And of course, now I’ve got my on-line addiction.

Who’s next?


Janie Emaus said...

As you know, Tina, you introduced me to Facebook Scrabble and now I'm addicted. But there is still one person who I cannot beat!!

TinaFerraro said...

Soon, Janie, you're on my tail!

Cara King said...

We were never really Scrabble folks, I'm afraid! Though occasionally we played it, or Monopoly, or chess (three games that lots of folks are obsessed with.)

My parents didn't really play games with us, but our favorite game was probably Risk. We played many many summer games of Risk which we never finished.... :-)


TinaFerraro said...

Cara, I've never played Risk, but yeah, I've heard about those games that went on and on. The quest for world domination, huh? Thanks for weighing !

Megan said...

I was just wondering was I the winner? I entered and I don't know if it's me.

ThatOneGirl said...

I thought you said there was going to be three winners?

I am not very good at scrabble to say I can't really do any word game.

TinaFerraro said...

ThatOneGirl!!! I read your comment...and I was like, WHAT? Then I went back and re-read what I wrote. And you're right! I DID say three. Thank you!

I will choose two more right now, contact them and post their names here. And in addition...I'd like to send you a book for being so on top of things. But I have no way of getting in touch with please contact me at

Heather Davis said...

I'm an old fashioned girl at heart, so I appreciate the actual board game. It's fun!