Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fashionistas to the rescue!

Tomorrow is the launch of GHOST HUNTRESS: THE AWAKENING at GhoStock 7 in Salem, Massachusetts and I am having a fashion emergency!

I need your help! Please!!!

My beloved Betsey Johnson leather purse has broken on me. Wahhhhh... I went to the BJ store and they said they couldn't really fix it and to take it to a repair shop...who wants $75 to replace the broken hitch and can't guarantee that it'll match. Another wahhhh...

So, I need a new purse.

And I need suggestions! I'm not exactly sure what the style is right now. Betsey was so stylish and timeless. You know...I could carry it for years and no one would know. I want something along those lines.

I don't want one of these giganormous totes that women carry, looking like they're moving out of the house every time they go out. Honestly, I don't think my sciatica could take that! LOL!! I mean, look at one of the Olsen twins...that thing is almost bigger than she is (which isn't saying much!)

What would you suggest? What brand? Websites to visit? Styles to look at? I don't want to spend a fortune, but I'd love a sturdy, reliable, fashionable bag that will do what I need on a daily basis.

Thanks for rescuing me!!!

Marley = )


Heather Davis said...

Hey Marley --

First of all, check out some consignment stores in your neighborhood. They just had a piece on the news about how people are downsizing their possessions and bringing designer stuff in droves to consignment shops. Also, bring some purses or clothes to sell to them and you can get store credit!

As far as the bag goes, I am in love with Franco Sarto. Such simple, elegant, timeless bags (I just got a brown suede bag that is amazing and I have a white one for summer.) Also, there's not a lot of goo-gah flash on his purses, which I appreciate, since it doesn't make the bag seem trendy. Anyway -- good luck with the launch party! So proud of you, M.

TinaFerraro said...

Wow, I am going to have to defer to the experts on this one. For years I carried a diaper bag, okay? ;) But I want to say CONGRATS on your release and wish you all good things at this exciting time!

Me said...

My best purses come from Target. Seriously, they have some adorable styles at fab prices. If I'm going slightly fancier, I head to Macy's. I have two Nine West bags that I adore. When I'm ready to shell out for a pricey classic, I'd choose Coach or Dooney. Can't wait for a pic of your new purse.