Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The purse search is ovah!

So...thanks to everyone who responded to my connundrum over needing a new purse. I have, in a dignified ceremony, retired the injured Betsey Johnson bag into the close and have made a new purchase!

After scouring eBay,, Macy's online, and a few other places...I found my new best friend in the most unlikely of places: CostCo!

I was stocking up on items and looking in the electronics section for a Wii (which I bought, as well!) and I ran across a display of Kenneth Cole Reaction hobo bags. Are you kidding me? My beloved Kenneth Cole at CostCo?

I snagged the bag. It's real. It's leather. It retails for $248. It's...only $68??? SCORE!

Of course, I bought it! Here's the closet pic I can find to what it looks like. I bought it in black:

What I love about it is it doesn't weigh a ton, my shoes will fit in it, but it's not too bulky and is quite classic in a style that won't go away. I feel so liberated...ahhh.

What are you favorite discount stores? Any secret websites to share with fashion miracles that you've found? Come on...share with us!!

Marley = )

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Cara King said...

I'm not a fashion girl by any stretch of the imagination (and my imagination stretches quite a ways), but I am on an eternal quest for the perfect purse. (To dream...the impossible dream...)

My perfect purse would be cheap, small, light, have a long strap, and hold everything I want it to.

Of course, no bag could be small and light and hold all I want it to. Hence the impossibility of the dream!

I think I need one of those D&D bags of holding...

Cara the Geek

The Golfing Librarian said...

I commend you for your diligence and applaud your success! However, I don't think a purse, I mean "Urban Man Bag", would work for me. I just don't think that I could "carry my stuff and still look tuff"! I'll stick with a wallet.

Marley Gibson said...

Chuck...I think it's soooo unfair how men can carry only the few things they need in their wallet and pocket...yet, us chicks seem to have to carry everything we own in a day bag and purse and tote and everything else. What's your secret? LOLOL!!! = )

stephhale said...

Awesome purse, Marley! Chuck, I bet you'd look tuff in a fanny pack! ha!
My favorite website is It has discount codes for practically every website. I never shop without checking it first and I've saved SO much $$

Thao said...

I'm so glad you finally picked the bag. This one looks so beautiful and elegant.

The Golfing Librarian said...

Marley, my secret is that I'm post menopausal. :)

Marley Gibson said...


Thanks for the website hint, Steph! Will definitely check it out. = )