Thursday, May 07, 2009

Drive-by Ghostings

Happy Thursday!

We are in day four of celebrating the release week of Buzz Girl Marley Gibson's The Awakening -- the first in her Ghost Huntress Series!

We're doing a give-a-way a day for our blog readers who leave a comment, and yesterday's winner was SUMMER. Summer, please email Marley at with your address.

Also this week, we've been sharing ghost stories. It's amazing to read how many of you have experienced some otherworldly presence.

Among the many times something unexplained has happened to me, one in particular really stands out.

My grandmother passed away during December a few years ago. She had always been so close to me -- sending me care packages, checking in on me, and almost being like a second mom after my parents divorced. She lost a long battle with Alzheimer's one winter and it was very, very hard on my grandpa, and all of us. Because she had not been able to communicate or remember us very well during her declining years, it was like she never got a chance to say goodbye.

Well, we'd left the country town where we lived to drive down to the funeral one morning, leaving our house all decorated for Christmas, spent the sad hours at the chapel and then attended the graveside and finally made it home.

As we walked into the house, the christmas music box my grandmother had given me years before began to play.

It hadn't been touched for days.

My then-husband looked at me in shock and said, "I guess she's saying goodbye."

I think that's what it was, too. The music box had been a special present when I'd got married and it was a tradition in our family to have them out only at Christmas time. I felt a sense of relief, knowing that she'd dropped by to let me know she was moving on to the light, toward peace at last.

I know some of you have posted stories like this, where someone who's passed away visits to say farewell. Has anyone else had an object, like my music box, physically move from the spirit's energy? Comment to enter to win Marley's book!


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TinaFerraro said...

Heather, that's an amazing and touching story. I do have something along the same lines, although not nearly as direct a link to a loved one through a gift given.

In college, I briefly lived in a house with three roommates. I was alone one afternoon when the overhead light suddenly turned on. After my "what the..." reaction, I dismissed it. An hour or so later I got a call telling me one of my roommates had been killed in a traffic accident, hour before.

No explanation for that one, either, but I liked to think it was a goodbye.

sunnynikki said...

My grandmother died almost 20 years ago and I was so young I barely remember her. I was home one night by my self a couple of years ago when I heard a large crash. I called the cops and the only thing we could find was a framed photo of my grandmother that had flown off the wall and to the floor, I don't know what the message was, but something was up.

Lori T said...

What a great experience. I have this connection with my Grandma and I could only hope to have such an experience. I love her so much that it would be a comfort to have this happen.

I have not had any experiences like this. You are lucky.

Heather Davis said...

Wow, you guys! Those are great stories. Both of them are so eerie -- it's like you don't even realize until after the fact what's going on.

Lori, I'm so glad you're close to your grandma, too. It really was a comfort, you are right!



Heather Davis said...

Oh, meant to say I'll be picking a winner at 12 am PST -- so if you haven't commented, do it soon!


donnas said...

I have never had something move. But I have seen someone right after they recently died and had my TV turn itself off when we were getting ready to leave for a funeral.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Aleya said...

the book look good and right up my ally. I hope I win a copy but if not I'll still buy it