Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer Fun!

Aren't you just ready for summer? I had a small taste of it last month when I was in Hawaii for vacy, and now that higher temperatures have hit the Pacific Northwest, there is no stopping my quest for fun and sunshine!
I already posted some pictures of Pearl Harbor for you on Memorial Day Weekend, but here are a couple of early summer sights that we also enjoyed there.
Above is the view looking out at Kailua Beach, one of the best beaches on Oahu. The water there is really clear and at its neighbor beach, Lanikai, you can do some great snorkeling. I think Marley could find some SCUBA diving there, too.

Here's an amazing waterfall that I hiked to near Kailua. The hike was an hour straight up, but the swimming hole was a great reward for all the effort. And, it was also really cool hiking through fragrant woodland/jungles of native plants. I literally stopped on a red clay ridge to smell the perfume on the warm breeze.

I think that I'll have to return to that amazing island, but more than that, I think I'll go there in my mind whenever I need to visualize relaxation. So, yay, summer! It's here in force and couldn't be more welcome. All around town, people are coming out like blinking moles, donning shorts, and slathering themselves with sunscreen.
Has summer hit your part of the country yet?
And a second question -- what's on your summer reading list? I've got Jellicoe Road and The Sweet Far Thing in the cue. How about you?
NEVER CRY WEREWOLF - HarperTeen Sept. '09
THE CLEARING - HMH Graphia April '10


Thao said...

Jellicoe Road is on my list too. I have a long list that consists of books I don't even own :D

Anyway love that picture of the waterfall it's really beautiful.

TinaFerraro said...

Gorgeous waterfall! I am simply hoping to catch up on some reading, Heather. I've got quite a pile. And since I'm going to the Romance Writers of America conference, it's a done-deal I'll come home with a suitcase full of MORE books I want to read!

Marley Gibson said...

AWESOME, Heather!! Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics. I'd love to go to Hawaii some day. = )

Cara King said...

My reading queue is so long it goes down the block, across town, winds through the desert and makes its way all the way around the globe. I have too many books!!!

Which is why I need a time-turner.

stephhale said...

I want to go back to Hawaii SO bad. Next on my summer reading is Goddess Bootcamp!

MarjoleinBookBlog said...

The summer has reached europe some days now, lovely sunny and warm weather!
I just made my summer reading list and posted a big blog post about my love for reading in the sun, haha!

Celise said...

I live in Phoenix. I think we hit summer back in January. JK. It was more like March. LOL. It's officially summer here when the water parks open.