Friday, October 23, 2009

How much is that doggie in the window?

My family has spent an insane amount of time together over the last three weeks compliments of the swine flu. There are only so many movies and board games to pass the time. I tried to get creative so my four and six year olds wouldn't be bored out of their minds so we started our Christmas lists a little early. My six year old surprised me by listing a dog as his number one choice.
We lost our Maltese, Lucky, about a year and a half ago. He was the best little dog on the planet and his sudden passing crippled me with grief for a long time. My youngest son still asks about him every single day. The other day he asked me if he threw a bone high enough in the sky if Lucky would get it in heaven (I know, right?).

I've never really considered getting another dog because I just felt it wouldn't measure up to Lucky. But I would turn myself inside out making my sons happy. And I have to admit I really do miss having a pet. The goldfish and the frogs just aren't cutting it. Then I remember how having a puppy is almost like having a baby and housebreaking is such a nightmare. Then I remember the year I didn't get a Cabbage Patch Kid and how I'm still pretty sure I have issues because of it. So I'm torn. Please help me decide, do I suck it up and get the dog or go back to trying to train our tiny frogs? And tell me what kind of pet you have!

(We would go with something like this little guy)



Brooke Reviews said...

Oh man, waking up and seeing that cute puppy face was nice. I love puppies. I have two dogs. 1 Chihuahua and one 1/2 Chihuahua 1/2 Pomeranian mix. We also have a bunny.:) Bunnies are cute, but they aren't fun to hold. They have razor claws of doom!

Kim Harrington said...

What a cute picture!!!

Another option is adopting an adult dog. That way you're saving a life and skipping the housetraining and chewing puppy stage. For a pure bred like the cutie in the picture, you could go to specific breed rescue organization websites. Or go to and search for specific breeds.

TinaFerraro said...

I'm a total cat lady, always have been, always will be.

Still, it was near impossible for me to imagine getting another cat after the second of my two died of old age some years back. But in the passing years, I've taken on not one, but four strays: starting with Rascal, the kitten of a stray, then a feral cat, Ivy, who now lives on the side of my house, and most recently, Ranger and Ruby, two kittens my friend and I found motherless after the big fire, and now share as "joint custody." They've enriched my life! And I'm sure bringing another dog into your family will do the same.

As far as what breed...I'd just say to be open and see what comes to you. That's how it's worked for my family!

Keep us posted!

Cara King said...

I was going to suggest adopting an adult dog, but Kim beat me to it! It might work best for your situation...

Good luck!

stephhale said...

Thanks everybody for weighing in. I actually had a bunny when I was little so I know about the razor claws of doom! I will definitely look into trying to rescue a dog also. And Tina, any stray cats I see, I'll send em your way!

Heather Davis said...

Dog-gie! Dog-gie! Your little guys need a buddy. Come on, MOM!

I love the idea of rescuing a pooch that needs a home. All of my animals (including HarperCat) have been from animal shelters and they have been wonderful companions! They seem to know that you rescued them and appreciate you even more. ;)