Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Case of the Tainted Tiara

This week we're celebrating the release of the gorgeous and talented Wendy Toliver's LIFTED. This is fantastic story of best friends who face some amount of adversity together and how they come out of it.

To win a copy of Wendy's latest relase, leave a comment below telling me about a story of you and a close friend and a time you faced adversity.

To kick things off, I will tell mine!

My BF and I went shopping together *alone* for the very first time in 8th grade. We felt very grown-up with our purses and school IDs. The final stop on our "girls day out" was the popular accessory store Claire's. Claire's was the mecca for headbands, earrings, belts, all kinds of random things.

We spent almost an hour and in Claire's and after admiring most of everything, we each chose to buy a pair of fake sapphire studs. We rang our purchases up and left.

We got back to my place and emptied out our bags and lo and behold I see this tumble out of my Claire's bag:


How did that get there? I didn't buy it! My BF and I stared at it and then each other suspiciously. I assumed my BF had "lifted" it and put it into my bag. My BF assumed I'd lifted it! We grabbed at our receipts and looked to see if we'd been charged for said tiara.
We had not.

Now what?!

We both assumed the police would come through the door at any time and drag us off the jail for shop-lifting. Finally, we confessed to my mother who pursed her lips and called the store.

Lo and behold, because we'd bought two of the same thing, the cashier than thrown in the tiara as a "gift". They apparently had a surplus of them and didn't know what to do with them.

My BF and I went on to be friends for years after but this was definitely a turning point in our relationship for the better. We each learned that the other was much too afraid of being tossed in jail to ever break the law willingly!
Neither of us ever wore the tiara either....too tainted!

What about you? Share to win!


Kay said...

My bff and I went on a hiking trip together in WV. It was our first and last big trip together before we had kids. It rained the entire trip, but we weren't going to let that stop us. On advice from the clerk in the local sporting goods store, we decided to hike the balds on top of a mountain. We didn't care as much about the view as just being together. When we got up there, the entire mountain was encased in fog. There were no marked trails--just stone outcroppings running between low shrubs and twisted trees. We ventured a little ways in and then back out. Coming down the road were a group of four men on horseback. The each had a case of beer on the back of the saddle and shotguns across the front. They greeted us, "What are you little ladies doing up here? Don't you know a local boy went hiking up here, and it was a week before he found his way back down." We gulped an answer--hiking--and quickly disappeared back into the fog. It didn't take us a week to find our way out, but we did get a little nervous several hours later when we were looking for the road again.

Sara said...

That's such a great story!

Unknown said...

This one time when me and a group if friends went to go see the 3rd Pirates movie they had Jack sparrow m&m cardboard cut outs an I was like omg I would kill to have one. So one of the guys decided that he would run out o the theatre with it. As we were killing ourselves laughing he was like I got it for you and I could not accept it because it was stolen goods and felt so wrong. So instead one of the other girls took it and I said it wa so not coming in my car so I went on my way and avoided the m&m pirate ever since

cassie c

Jessica said...

I had a situation similar to that one. My friend and I went into the mall and looked around a few stores. I had known her since 1st grade but we had started to closer friends during our senior year. We didn't buy anything at the mall and decided to leave. Once we got out to the car she pulled out some makeup from her pockets. I was shocked!! I knew she didn't buy it. She said it wasn't a big deal and she did it all the time. I had no idea. That really made me view her differently. She didn't seem to worry that we might have been caught and I might have gotten in trouble too.

Erika Powell said...

I best friend and I are facing adversity right this second. we are both in our first year out of college and after spending every minute together for four years of college we now live 13 hours apart. She made the move to NYC where she is taking tv production by storm and I moved to North Carolina, the home for college basketball and it has taken a very serious toll on our relationship. Unfortunately no amount of phone or facebook can keep us as close as we would like and like I said we both just graduated college so there is no extra money to go visit. I know we will be fine but there are days where I literally am in pain because I miss her. I guess I need to focus on how lucky I am to have a best friend that amazing.

ylime1981 said...

I have a good friend who has recently started dating someone within the last half year. Since then she has changed a lot and it seems to be just for this guy. She is staying very busy with him so we rarely see or talk to one another anymore. My goal is to let her know that I am still her friend and still support her no matter what so that if this is how she is happy that's great but if something happens, I will be there for her.

Wendy Toliver said...

Great story, Dona! thanks for helping me celebrate the release of Lifted! :)

Mena said...

One of us was married to an abusive waste of skin. The oxygen thief was left and we became roommates. We took advantage of the law and got a divorce granted. We're both happily single and the closest of friends to this day!

Heather Davis said...

That's a great story, Dona! I can just see you with that wide-eyed look on your face. ;)