Saturday, June 26, 2010

Since We're Sharing Reviews

Earlier this week, Wendy shared her wonderful Publishers Weekly review for her latest book, Lifted. Well, guess what? I've got one too! Here's the PW review of Forgive My Fins (which my editor spotted at a bookstore yesterday):

Seventeen-year-old Lily is not like the other girls at her high school--indistinguishable from humans in her two-legged form, she’s secretly a half-human, half-mermaid princess from the undersea kingdom of Thalassina. Lily has been obsessed with swimming star Brody for three years, and the time has come to tell him how she feels, reveal her secret, and take him to live with her under the sea as her bonded mermate. Unfortunately, a surprise kiss from her next-door nemesis, Quince, bonds them together instead. There’s only one way out: take Quince to Thalassinia and beg her father to break the attachment before it becomes permanent. But Quince secretly loves Lily and has one week to convince Lily not to let him go. Childs’s (Goddess Boot Camp) effervescent storytelling conveys the delicate tension of first love, and her characters are sympathetic and charming; Lily’s frequent aquatic exclamations (“Speak of the devilfish”) are indicative of the book’s brand of humor. This sweet mix of magic, romance, and teen drama will leave readers satisfied, even as they hope Quince and Lily’s story will continue.
Seems like PW is feeling quite generous with the Buzz girls lately. Can't ask for much better than that! (Well, a starred review would be better, but I'm not being greedy.)



TinaFerraro said...

Woo-hoo, Tera! There's a lot of love about FORGIVE MY FINS...and thanks for sharing this with us!

Kay said...

Way to go, Tera! I had fun reviewing it on my blog, too. It's not nearly as impressive as PW,but here it is.

nymfaux said...

All of you Bees deserve it!!!--I LOVE all of you--This blog is like my treasure chest!!!

Unknown said...

I love that section!

Wendy Toliver said...

Tera, that is awesome! Congratulations, hon!

Heather Davis said...

Great review, Tera! Congrats

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