Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Special Announcement: Summer Fun with the Buzz Girls

Whew! We made it -- it's almost summer. Finally! Even though it's still cloudy here in the NW, I know everyone is getting out of school, loading up the car (or RV) for road trips and readying themselves for long-awaited vacations.

We Bees are flying in all directions during the warm months ahead. Some of us are out ghosthunting and promoting books on the road, some are heading to fun destinations with our families, some of us are hunkering down working on a new manuscript.

Anyhoo -- from now until mid-August, we are going to change the way we post at BooksBoysBuzz. Just for the summer we will move to a free-form post style. Instead of posting on one day a week, we're going to put up fun posts from the road, spontaneous notes from home, announcements of quick contests, questions for book clubs, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. It'll be frequentish, fun, and different.

Around back to school time, we'll be back on our seven days a week Bee schedule, but we thought this would be a fun way to celebrate summer!

So guys - this blog is for you...

What would you like to see on the Buzz blog during the next few weeks?

Please let us know in comments and we'll try to make it happen during this fun summer-long event!

Bees - let's get posting!



nymfaux said...


I LOVE hearing anything new, about all of you and what you're working on--or if you guys are doing any book signings while you're out on the road.

Always love the swag ;)

But I just love reading you guys, whether it's your books, or your blogs!--Hope you all have an amazing summer!!!!

Steph said...

Yes, I would also like to hear about what you're doing- writing wise. are you working on an old series? A new one? Or maybe you're just writing to write- for fun? This, to me, seems to help me relate to and understand the authors of my favorite books. So, I think it would be cool seeing how different and similar all the Buzz Girls are.

It would also be cool to hear about what you are doing at that moment, or that day/week and compare it to what you were doing during the summer of your childhoods.

It's always fun entering your contests, so definitely keep them coming. This is a great idea, and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone will be talking about. :)

Heather Davis said...

I'm glad you guys like our summer plan. I'm sure we're going to be covering these things, Steph and nymfaux. ;) I am working to finish my book for fall 2011 right now - but I'm also gearing up for fly-fishing in Montana next month. Yay! Hope you guys are having a fun summer so far.

nymfaux said...

oooh--Heather--what are you working on--I just finished reading Never Cry Werewolf--And I LOVED it--I hope you will be writing more!!!

and I liked Steph's ideas too!

Bidisha said...


I love hearing about you guys, especially things, like Steph said, writing-wise.

Heather Davis said...

Hey Nymfaux,

I'm finishing up my new book for Harcourt - Wherever You Go. It's a more serious book, like The Clearing. I'll be posting more about that this summer, I promise!

nymfaux said...

Thanks Heather!!!--Definitely looking forward to hearing more!!!!

The Clearing is on my TBR list :)