Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hot Vacation Spots

As Tera pointed out earlier this week, Las Vegas is hot hot hot in the summer. I happened to be in New Mexico this summer when it hit some record highs. After my cousin's wedding in Carlsbad, this is how hot my car was. Yes, that reads 138 degrees fahrenheit, folks. Even after I started it up and drove on the highway at 70 mph, it only went down to 119. YIKES!

Now, I'm just going to post a few fun photos from New Mexico, which is only one of the nine states I have been in or will be before the summer is over. I hope you enjoy!
Being a cave dweller in Carlsbad Caverns, a Santa Fe sunset, and if you look closely at the Hobbs sign, you'll see tiny me! And here's big me holding a tiny wild turtle. The turtles thought my toenails were strawberries and kept nipping at them at the most unsuspecting moments! Last but not least I enjoyed hanging with the local folk in Roswell.


Heather Davis said...

Ohmigosh! Great pictures. 138 degrees? I would have melted into my shoes. Love the photo of the turtle, Wendy!


TinaFerraro said...

Great pictures, but 138 degrees is out of my comprehension range! :)

Mary Smith said...
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