Monday, July 19, 2010

Tales from the Friendly Skies

It's summer and for many people, that means travel. Especially airline travel. And for most of us Buzz Girls, next week has us heading to Orlando for the 2010 Romance Writers of America conference.

As I am preparing for my trip, I am reminded of my unmarried days and how whenever I boarded a flight, I would cross my fingers for a single, good-looking guy about my age to be sitting beside me. Which was about as likely as an unexpected upgrade to First Class--but hey, COULD happen, right?

Well, to my astonishment, one day, it actually did. I was on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, and a well-known entertainer was said to be in First, with the members of his band in Coach. This absolute Adonis--turned out to be the entertainer's guitar player--took the window seat beside me, and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Except for one small thing. Not only did we not say even "hello" to each other, while I was busy noticing him, he was checking out the leggy flight attendant. Who, just my luck, was looking right back.

On and off for the next five hours, I had the utter humiliation having her lounge over me so that they could flirt. As I was getting off the plane, I heard them making plans for dinner. A humbling experience I have clearly never forgotten.

Of course, in the big picture, it didn't matter at all, because there was that grad student back in my office named Ferraro who I was starting to be friendly with...

Still, file this under the category of watching what you ask for because you might get it. I just didn't expect my much-anticipated single, good-looking guy to hit on someone else, literally in my face!

How about you? Any notable, funny or annoying memories of fellow airline passengers?


Tina Ferraro
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BookChic said...

I wish I could be going to RWA! Now that it's moved, I can't go. :( I was looking forward to meeting all the Buzz Girls along with many other authors!!

And of course since it's in Orlando, Meg Cabot's going. I wonder if I'll ever meet her again.

But I hope you all have a great time and if you see Meg at all, tell her hi for me!!

TinaFerraro said...

Yes, Book Chic, I'm sorry you're not going to be able to make it this time...but if I see Meg, I'll pass on your regards!

nymfaux said...

I hope you have fun!!!!!!--But if the plane looks like the one in the picture, I WOULD NOT get on it!!!!!! ;) took me a second to figure out why the picture felt a little "off."

I've been trying to think of interesting seat mates, but I'm usually to shy to talk on planes, so I bring lots of books instead!!!

TinaFerraro said...

Shy, I am not, but I love reading on planes, too, nymfaux! Good, uninterrupted reading time!

Janie Emaus said...

I wish I could be with you at the conference. My most memorable travel companion was some sort of assistant to Tom Hanks and we talked about writing and scripts and I even sent him a novel of mine. Which as you know never did hit the big screen or the little one!

Wendy Toliver said...

I'm sad to hear you won't be at RWA, BookChic! I have yet to meet you in person.

Okay, Tina, here are my interesting plane neighbor tales. The last time I went to AK a lady died on our plane! It was horrible. On that same flight I sat by a butcher. Since it took so long to get going again and to switch out flight personnel, etc, I learned way more than I ever needed to know about meat. Another interesting character I sat by on a plane, this time to Vegas, was an extreme fighter (not sure that is the correct term, but he goes in a cage and there are no rules?) He had black painted nails and was very muscle-ripped. Kinda shy, though. :)

Heather Davis said...

Ohmigosh. What a story, Tina. A great beginning for a romance story if you were the single girl -let's see -- the dinner plans fall through, the Adonis ends up stuck at the airport with you... a regular Lifetime movie.

TinaFerraro said...

Oh, Heather, too funny...yes, it could be a Lifetime movie, indeed!

TinaFerraro said...

Janie, an assistant to Tom Hanks? I need to hear more about that some day!

TinaFerraro said...

Wendy, wow, you definitely "win" with your story of the lady who died, and the butcher who gave you a course on meat!