Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Suddenly Summer Giveaway!

It's suddenly summer! Finally the temperature will be almost 90 in the Seattle area. It's time to get out the flip-flops, slather on sunscreen, and... edit my new book.

Yep, although the weather is great, I've been inside revising my draft of Wherever You Go, my new book for Harcourt for fall 2011.

It's a book packed with characters in transition - a ghost boy, a girl caring for her grandfather with Alzheimer's, a guy who's lost his very best friend on the planet. As I'm writing this book, I've been working with the idea that guys are very emotional; they're just not encouraged to show that side of themselves. The loss and love they feel is no smaller than anything women experience. The hurt and the joy can be just as big as anything we go through.

I'm in the home stretch, which is so great to report. And there was no bigger satisfaction than to write "The End" on the last page of the draft - especially with my awesome bf across from me at the coffee shop during my writing fest.


To celebrate the beginnning of summer and the approaching end of this revising round one - I'd like to giveway a signed copy of The Clearing - my first book for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

To enter, comment about something worth celebrating - an end or a beginning - and I'll choose a winner Sunday 7/11.

Until then, enjoy the sun!

Wherever You Go - Fall 2011 Harcourt
The Clearing - April 2010 HMH
Never Cry Werewolf - 09/2009 Harperteen


Ann Diana Dinh, said...

I would celebrate the start of summer (well it finally is starting to look like summer) because it finally is sunny after weeks of rain!!


Michelle Santiago said...

it's mid-summer for me, so i'm just chill-axing and taking it easy for the most part.

but the end of july (aka end of summer vacation) is a new beginning for me: my first year of teaching-- i'm going to be a 2nd grade teacher.


nymfaux said...

Yea!!!! Congrats on your new book! I LOVED Never Cry Werewolf--and though I know The Clearing is different--I think a good author is a good author, and I'd love the chance to read The Clearing!!! And anything else you're writing!!!

As for something to celebrate...I just got three new books in the mail yesterday, so that's what I'm celebrating right now!!!! I love good books!!!

Honey said...

I think the end of the school year is worth celebrating! It's my most anticipated time of the year. Congrats on the new book, it sounds really good!

ekta.p7 [at] gmail [dot] com

ylime1981 said...

Congrats to you!

For me, nearing the end of studying for the Bar is worth celebrating... three more weeks and I will be sitting in the big room with a thousand other wanna-be lawyers stressing out over our 3 day long exam... But I'm almost done!!! Yay!!!!


Unknown said...

I think everyday is worth celebrating, because just being alive and well is something big!

Mandy Porto

CrystalGB said...

I am celebrating the upcoming birth of my nephew. He will be born in a couple of weeks.


RivkaBelle said...

I am celebrating my birthday today! It's the beginning of a new year - and, a new phase in life ... as well as the end of one of the best (but hardest) years of my life. A double-whammy celebration! :o)


jpetroroy said...

I'll be celebrating my sister-in-law's wedding this weekend!

jpetroroy at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I like to celebrate the writing of a new story as well as the ending of a new story.

Just something about those "shiny" new ideas, knowing they'll one day become a story!

So yeah, celebrating the whole writing process!

Rebekah Purdy

Yellowluva said...

I live in the Bahamas and on the 10th of this month (which is Saturday) the whole country will be celebrating Independence Day. So that's what I'm most likely to be celebrating.


Jessica said...

Great giveaway :) Thanks!

About 3 weeks ago I was celebrating the end of my 2 graduate classes AND making A' (not so much of a celebration) I'm getting ready to begin classes again Monday :( My summer fun was definitely cut short.

OH but in bigger news, in my home we are celebrating a potty trained 2 year old!!! YEYY!! Very happy mommy :)


brendajean said...

I'm celebrating the great country that I live in the entire month of July. Parades, picnics, fireworks and family. It's what it's all about.

JayTee said...

It's summer, but a whole new chapter in my life's already starting. I'm starting high school in the fall, and I'm going to be taking two AP classes. No more slacking off and not paying attention in class!

As my counselor said, I'm about to lose my life.

Erika Powell said...

Something worth celebrating huh? How about on July 1st it was exactly a year since I packed everything in my little car and moved to NC for a brand new job. A year later and it really is feeling like home


Jenny N. said...

All three of my brother and sisters birthdays is in the summer. We're celebrating 3 birthdays in July and mine's in August. Whoo-hoo!!

Llehn said...

I think for a writer the thing most worth celebrating is when you've completed the first draft of your WIP!!


msdarcy said...

I'm celebrating having the summer with no school! Lots of popsicles and great books to read!!!

Vicky B said...

I am currently celebrating the start of a relationship! My boyfriend and I just celebrated out first month together!

Jacqueline C. said...

My cousin is getting married in Chicago this weekend and the whole family is spending the weekend out there to celebrate!

TinaFerraro said...

Fun giveaway! And yay for summer, huh?

Bidisha said...

This is the Sudden Summer AWESOMENESS!

I just got back from writing an exam and right now, where celebrations are concerned, I'd like to celebrate the End of my Uni Exams. I mean, seriously, time I reclaim back my life :P

Also, finishing the first draft of a book MUST be celebrated. That's a rare, rare rush.

PS. Wherever You Go sounds fantastic. I love how you're exploring so many things. You're really a versatile writer.


msdarcy said...

Oops, I forgot to leave my email-

Anonymous said...

I'm celebrating my first job offer! I'll still be a poor law student for one more year, but after that I'll be working at the law firm of my dreams! In this economy, I couldn't be more happy...unless I had The Clearing to read, of course.


Heather Davis said...

You guys are so awesome! Look at all the cool stuff you are celebrating. ;) I'll pick a random winner on Sunday morning, so anyone else feel free to chime in.

Bridget R. Wilson said...

Something worth celebrating? Something seasonal would be Harry Potter's birthday on July 31. And as the 1st part of the last movie premieres this November, you could say it's an ending. Thanks for offering the giveaway.


Anonymous said...

I think that reaching a goal you've been wanting to reach is worth celebrating ! I mean, why not celebrate it?! You've worked your hardest and completed it !


DarcyO said...

Something worth celebrating is homecoming for my daughter tomorrow. She'll be home from summer camp.

dlodden at frontiernet dot net

nymfaux said...

oops! I was so excited I forgot my email!!!!


Steph said...

I would love to celebrate summer and being able to sleep in late, swim until whenever and not have a care in the world! No school, no homework, nothing. Everything is just about relaxing and I love it. Though summer has kind of been in session for a while, I still want to celebrate it and live it to the fullest!

Kay said...

I'm right in the middle of our big summer celebration--a vacation (this year in Holland, MI) with extended family. There are 13 of us from grandparents to grandkids sharing a house together and making memories.

Cass said...

I've heard about this book, and I've seen the trailer for it! It sounds like a deeply beautiful, romantic, saddening story and I'd love to read it! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I'm celebrating the absence of school. :)


S a n d r a said...

I'm celebrating that Spain is in the final of the World Cup! XD

holdenj said...

I am celebrating summer, it is much too short in this neck of the woods and we had a rainy June! July seems like July, which is good news. Thanks!

Katrina said...

I am celebrating a fresh summer with my husband and daughter.

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Mena said...

Congrats on being at the editing portion!! That's awesome.

I'm all set to graduate with my bachelor's degree next April! I just found out today. That's worth celebrating is it not? :)

tarasbookjabber said...

I like to celebrate that I finally finished High school!! Congrats on the new book!