Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beautiful word: commitment

I'm busy, busy, busy working on my Spring 2012 book, RADIATE, and wanted to do a fly-by post. As I posted earlier, my sweetie proposed and we're getting married this year...that's an amazing commitment. And it gets even stronger as we just committed to a huge undertaking: kitty parents.

Meet Madison Leeny (Madi in back) and Smokey Farquar Booreguard IV (Boo in front), the newest additions to our family. We rescued them from Polly's Pet Shelter in Los Angeles, CA, after I read of their heartbreaking story online.

Madi and Boo were born to a feral mommy on Thanksgiving. A lady was watching out for the small family and leaving food out for them. She was going to wait until the kittens (three of them) were eight weeks old before taking them to the shelter. Sadly, when the babies were five weeks old, a stray dog attacked and killed the mommy and their sibling. Madi and Boo escaped unharmed, but were left orphaned. Fortunately, Polly's Pet Rescue took them in and simply by a pure miracle, I decided to look for kittens for adoption while we were staying in Los Angeles. It only took three days after the initial e-mail for the transaction to be completed.

Now Madi and Boo live very happily in the RV with us, playing and running, chasing each other, batting the balls around, and sleeping any time they want. They are an amazing addition to our family and we have fully committed to their health and well-being. They are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped.

Commitment comes in many forms...and I'm pleased to dedicate myself to these two little bundly puffs of love in my life. I write RADIATE!

Do you have a new kitten or puppy in your life? Tell us about the joys of your pets.

Marley = )

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Amber said...

They are simply adorable! Their story is a sad one too but I'm glad they found a good caring home!

I have four cats. Our newest was a sad story too. I work at a 911 call center and someone called in saying they found a week old kitten that had been burned with acid. One of my co-workers took her in (this is before I worked there) and my husband and I adopted her. She's fine now (her fur on her ears, tail and the pads of all of her paws were burned off) accept for a little part at the tip of her tail that won't grow back.

Having cats is so rewarding. They are my babies. Congrats!

Heather Davis said...

I love them, Marley! So cute.

I have always been a dog person, but since I got my own cat, I really appreciate how cuddly and funny kitties can be. Enjoy those little fur balls!

TinaFerraro said...

Oh, Marley! What a heartwarming story! I had seen the pictures of your new kitties on Facebook, but had no idea their backstory!

You know that my friend and I found two motherless 5 week old kittens living outside following our big forest fire, right? It's well over a year now, and we're all living happily ever after!

stephhale said...

I'm deathly allergic to cats but I still love them! Yours are adorable. They were so lucky to find such a loving home! Congrats!

Marley Gibson said...

What a tragic story, AJ. Who could do that to an animal? Poor little sweetheart! But she's found a loving home with you and that's wonderful!

Tina...I remember that glad to hear everyone's doing well!

petra said...

i have 3 rescue cats and 1 i got when my great aunt died. we love having so many animals in the house.

Cara King said...

So cute!!!

I've got two cats that I got from the local shelter as kittens...and they're great company. I love cats!


nymfaux said...

OMG!!! SO CUTE!!!!

I don't have anybody right now...But I was just thinking about our netherlands dwarf rabbit, Tang (because she was orange)--she was never more than five lbs, so everybody always thought she was a baby even when she was 12 years old. She was snooty and princessy, and then she would lick my finger.