Friday, January 07, 2011

To Do Lists, Sticky Notes, Post It's, Oh My!

I used to be a very organized person. I never forgot anything and I never had to rely on lists or notes to remember birthdays, chores, or grocery store staples. I blame technology (all those passwords and user names floating around in my head that I refuse to write down) and raising kids. I used to only have to remember MY stuff, now I have to remember my husband's and my kids stuff. After getting home from the grocery store yesterday and realizing that I had bought yet ANOTHER package of tortillas when I already had FOUR brand-new packages, I realized it might be time to stop being so stubborn and start making lists.
(I hope I won't ever need this one but I thought it was hilarious!)

It's not that I'm totally against making lists, I actually do it all the time. The problem is I usually either leave the note at home or have no idea what I was trying to tell myself because of my creative shorthand that I'm just sure I'll remember at the time I write the note but that I NEVER, EVER do.

I had a wonderful suggestion from someone on Facebook the other day when I complained that I had forgotten where I parked my car when I went to the mall (and if you knew how small our mall is, you would realize how pathetic this really is). She said that she always takes a picture of her car's location with her cell phone. I'm going to start doing this. I'm just hoping I don't lose my phone!

Do you have any suggestions on getting organized or tricks on improving my memory?

Have a great weekend!




TinaFerraro said...

Haha, GREAT one about taking a picture of your car's location. Our malls have complicated parking structures and have codes on the walls to help you remember where you've parked--but then you have to remember the codes, right? It's usually a color, number and letter. So basically, I try to weave it into a story, like "I wore PINK when I was SIX in classroom E." But then of course, I have to remember the story. :)

Marley Gibson said...

ROFLMAO at the multiple tortilla packages! I'm that way with Reynold's Wrap - I have four boxes of it. And Patrick's that way with salsa for some reason...we have three jars of it! Hee hee...

nymfaux said...

:) Well, I will definitely hope you don't lose your cell phone!!!

I don't have any more suggestions for helping you remember stuff, however, I think that if you and Marley and Patrick could hook up, that would totally solve your tortilla/salsa problems--also, any leftovers should probably be covered with Reynold's Wrap. ;)

nymfaux said...

oops--I lied--this may or may not help with remembering, but as long as you mentioned sticky notes--the Martha Stewart website had this awesome idea of making a 7x7 calendar out of sticky notes--I tried it myself and it looks super cute--The top row is "JAN2011," so you can just swap out the "JAN" for "FEB" next month, and so on.--Also, if you make an appointment or something, you can write on a different colored sticky and replace whatever day it is--That way it totally stands out from the rest of the week, making it a little easier to remember.