Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Lists of Lists

I like making lists. A lot. I'll make lists for anything. Grocery lists, to do lists, Christmas lists, wishlists. If it's listable, I've probably listed it. I'm not sure exactly why I like lists so much—maybe it's the feeling that I have control over whatever I put on the list. (Note: this is very much not true, since I often spend more time making the list than doing the things on it.)

Day 092/366 - To Do List
Shave the cat. Really?

Today, though, I'm going to go above and beyond my normal, average, everyday listmaking. Today, I'm going to make a list of lists I want to make. Pretty twisted, right? Well, that's a Virgo for you.

  1. Bucket List—The obligatory list of things I want to do before I die. This list will be so long, though, that I'm not sure I could ever finish. I want to do everything, from visit every continent to read every work by Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and  Agatha Christie.
  2. 1001 Things in 101 Days—A list of 1001 things to accomplish in 101 days. That's almost three years. I could do a lot of amazing things in three years. Write books, travel the world, move three times, train for a marathon... The possibilities are endless.
  3. 100 Things—I'm very attracted to minimalism, the idea of living with as little as you need. There is a movement within minimalism to keep personal belongings to a maximum of 100 things. I'm not sure if I'm ready to live with just 100 things, but I'd love the challenge of figuring out what those 100 things would have to be.

And, of course, it goes without saying that making the New York Times bestseller list is definitely on my list of lists. If only I could make that list as easily as I can make the others.

Have you made any of the above lists? Do you want to? Are you a right-brainer who runs screaming from the room at the very idea of making a list?




Bwyatt said...

Ahhh! No lists! Lists scare me...which is probably why I always forget something at the grocery store. :o)

TinaFerraro said...

I love lists--and my favorite part is crossing things off. Gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment!

I'd never heard about the 100 Things List. Very interesting concept!

Marley Gibson said...

I am totally a list maker...right there with you! = )

Jessica said...

Ahhh...virgos unite!! I, too, am a list maker! I cannot go without lists. To-Do lists, Books to Read lists, book to buy for my nook lists, books to buy for my bookshelves, people to contact, it goes on and on and on...but the best feeling in the world...Crossing things off the list!! :)
I need to make a bucket list, I think...getting a novel published is def. one of my top "wishes" for that list right now! :P