Friday, February 25, 2011

Boys are divas. Who knew?

Weekday mornings at the Hale household can get pretty rowdy. I'm sure this isn't news to any of you reading that have children. First there is breakfast, then last minute studying for the day's tests, then toothbrushing, then the worst part of all, getting dressed.

My oldest son has morphed into a complete diva when it comes to his clothes. I've spent hundreds of dollars on clothes to have him discard them like I'm handing him Lady Gaga's meat dress to wear. I can even take him with me to try the clothes on and let him pick what he wants. But somehow between the mall and his closet, the clothes magically change and are no longer good enough.

(Not my son but could easily pass for him when his jeans aren't clean.)

And believe me, we've tried the whole picking out the outfit the night before routine. It doesn't matter, something will envitiably be wrong with that outfit the next morning also. He loves fancy shirts and ties. And has exactly TWO pairs of jeans that he will wear. While he looks completely adorable in his Alex P. Keaton attire, it would be nice to go one day without doing laundry.

I always blamed my husband. The man has jeans from 1997 that he refuses to stop wearing because he can't find any that fit as well. So I just figured my son picked up some weird gene from him about his taste in clothes. Then MY mother reminded me about the entire year I spent in dresses. Apparently I threw a complete fit when she tried to get me to wear pants because I thought people would think I was a boy. So I spent my entire kindergarten year wearing dresses. Bummer, I guess I can't blame my husband anymore.

Did you go through any weird "stages" with clothes?



TinaFerraro said...

Steph, haha, you just took me back down memory lane! My kids had things they absolutely had to wear--or absolutely wouldn't--and "choosing the clothes the night before" didn't always solve the problem, either!

My issue is a propensity for buying too much in red, pink and orange, which ends up being hard to match!

Anonymous said...

When my now 22 yo son was 3, he decided that he wanted only black clothing. At first it could have a tiny bit of color, but soon became an all black mandate. His favorite outfit that summer consisted of black shorts, black tee, black rubber boots and a Batman cape I sewed for him. Topped off with a black baseball cap and occasionally, a black, fleece neck gator.

He also stopped wearing turtlenecks, but that's my fault. I was in a rush to dress him one day and the turtleneck didn't give as I yanked it over his head.

His tastes were interesting over the years and has now settled on frat boy prep.


Wendy Toliver said...

Hilarious! For the most part I let them wear what they want to wear. When my oldest was 2, he was a pirate for two years straight. Now, my 4 year-old wears costumes almost every day.

Cara King said...

I don't think I had that much choice in what I wore. The only thing I ever was allowed to refuse to ever wear was a terribly scratchy wool sweater that was just torture... But I don't think my parents had enough money to just buy new clothes when we kids changed our minds...

Of course, clothes cost much less now! So maybe that's the difference....

Heather Davis said...

Funny! I think every kid goes through clothes phases. When I was little, I absolutely refused to wear anything argyle. I had these pink argyle socks my parents kept trying to make me wear and I was not having it! Isn't that hilarious? I'm still not a huge argyle fan to this day...

Heather (not preppy in the least)