Tuesday, February 01, 2011

This Post Brought to You by the Snowpocalypse

As I write this (on Monday night) most of the central plains and the midwest are prepping for a snowpocalypse blizzard. We've bought up enough groceries to last two weeks, the cars are gassed up, the iPads, iPhones, and laptops are charged. We're lucky because we have a heat-pumping gas fireplace, gas stovetop, and gas hot water heater. When If the power goes out, we'll be bored but not frozen. I'm even charging up my Nook for bonus reading.
Blizzard by ellenmac11

I feel prepared. For those of you in the path of--as John Green calls it--the Ice Storm of Doom, are you ready? How did you prepare? For those of you who will survive the snowpocalypse miss out on this blizzard madness torture event, do you wish you were here?




TinaFerraro said...

Wow, I am sending all of you my very best, and hope you'll be able to keep checking in with us!

Jessica said...

We're not nearly as bad, here, but we are also geared up for the snowpocalypse here in the Northeast. My doggies and I are all snuggled up as we speak!

Me said...

Snuggling with doggies is definitely the best way to weather a snowpocalypse. It's not as bad (yet) as it was supposed to be. And we still have power so HOORAY!

Jess Day said...

My school was one of the two in our district that only had a half day. Everyone else closed. I waited 40minutes, in the freezing cold for my bus along with the other high schoolers. We now have a slogan for this season where I live. It's just the Struggles of New England!

Marley Gibson said...

Where are you? My friend in Chicago says they're expecting 18 inches!

Kristen said...

I'm near Chicago and they're saying we'll get about 2 feet of snow. My school was reluctant to close, but managed to get smart and announce at the end of today that we were going to be closed tomorrow. It's horrid out there. I filled up my water in the fridge, have a couple of logs for the fireplace on hand and am hoping for a lack of power-outage. *crosses fingers*

Karen (: said...

I'm getting it, all right! That storm is coming up to Canada and it has started already. I'm barely prepared (but it's ok, being Canadian and all. Ok, joking, I'm not prepared for the storm and I'll do just as bad, being Canadian doesn't fix anything about winter weather)
I'm just not looking forwards to have to walk to school :P

Lynsey Newton said...

I'm definitely with you in spirit! My thoughts are with all my American friends and I hope everyone stays safe. I also have this feeling of dread that when the storm is finished with the States, it will come across the ocean and batter the UK....and there is NO WAY IN HELL we are even the slightest bit prepared that you guys are. Good luck hon x

Heather Davis said...

Eesh! Bundle up, TLC. I do love a good storm, but only if it means a day free to play in the snow. It's not so fun when it hampers travel plans, etc!

nymfaux said...

well, you know what they say:

There's no 'pocalypse like Snowpocalypse!

--sorry, fell asleep thinking of that ;)

Hope everybody is well and snuggled up drinking hot chocolate with teeny marshmallows after a day of building snowmen and having snowball fights!!!