Friday, November 17, 2006

Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Crush of the week: The Retail Holiday Season

I used to think it was completely ridiculous that retails stores would break out their holiday goodies the day after Halloween. I don't feel that way anymore.

As I've gotten older and more mature (hopefully), I've ditched the smoky clubs and swinging singles bars for more dignified establishments. I now hang at Target. It boggles my mind that when I was in my twenties I would just rush in and get shampoo and rush back out. These days I could linger in the aisles for hours, it doesn't happen because the kids are hanging precariously off the sides of the cart after twenty minutes, but I could if I was alone. So I was doing my thing at Target the other day walking down the center aisle when my cart was magnetically drawn towards the magical red and green aisles.

My first stop was the holiday music display on an endcap. It was one of the ones where you can sample the CD's, so of course, I did, like every single one of them. Let me tell you, nothing boosts your spirits like listening to Dean Martin sing Let it Snow.

Then I was on to the gift wrap aisle where I purchased several glossy rolls, that I didn't need, but they were just so pretty, I couldn't resist. And you can't just wrap the gift, that's like wearing an incredible dress with no accessories, so I loaded up on ribbons, bows, and gift tags. They even had this feather boa stuff to wrap around gifts, it was so girly I thought I'd freak!

More strolling brought the aisles of pre-lit trees and shiny ornaments, fluffy stockings, and boxed holiday greeting cards. I was lost in daydreams of watching my loved ones rip open the perfect gifts and showering me with their adoration of my incredible gift selecting skills.

I was so happy and content strolling down those aisles. So I say, who gives a crap if we haven't even broke our wishbones yet, bring on the mistletoe! How about all of you? Am I crazy or does seeing Santa at the mall still make your inner child giddy?

Enjoy your turkey next week, buzzlings! :)


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Marley Gibson said...

Too cute, Stephanie! Me...the older I get, the LESS I want to be in stores, particularly the mall. I happily do all of my holiday shopping online. If it's not something someone else can ship for me without me having to go to the post office, then I don't get it. LOL!! My favorite online gift lately is Omaha Steaks. Nothing says "I love you" like a stack of meat.

Marley = )

TinaFerraro said...

Too funny, Marley, about the stack of meat...and I agree with you about on-line shopping. I love it.

And Steph, to answer your initial question, I've been "nice" this year, just counting my blessings that things have gone well for me. And while I long ago gave up the smoky barroom stool, too, I'll definitely raise some holiday toasts to friends, family, editors and agents this year!


Anonymous said...

Hey Steph- before I went to Atlanta I told my husband I needed shampoo and spent like 2 hours (and two hundred dollars) in target. When I go to a store without the offspring I just walk slow and stare at everything. People probably think I'm a moron. With the offspring people probably still think I'm a moron, but only because my kids are throwing boxes of cereal at them, or bras or whatever I'm shopping for.

Oooh speaking of online shopping, I got the best gift when my book sold- a dark chocolate covered huge fortune cookie, It was so good!!!! And it had a nice message in it, too!

Young Adult Authors said...

OMG, I loooove Target, Steph! I don't love the crowds at Christmas shopping season, but I love haunting the aisles of that store. So many deals.

I have been WAAAAY too nice this year, ladies. I hope Santa has made a note.

Simone Elkeles said...

I absolutely think Wal-Mart and Target should be re-named OH, I NEED THAT. Because every time I'm in there to buy one or two things, I end up buying 15...because I walk down the aisle and my eye catches on something and my brain says, "Simone, you need that."

I was in Target yesterday. I went in there to get yarn for my knitting project and a Webkins for my daughter. Came out with a game, food, and I spent over $100.

I'm Jewish, but I have to say the Christmas lights and holiday feeling I get is wonderful. I love it!

~Simone Elkeles
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Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Steph, I love Target! There are days I dream of secret meetings, alone, but the kids are brought along for safety. haha! And yes, I love Christmas time even more since I'm a December b-day girl. =D