Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Wedding Day

Today I'd like to derail off of writing and talk about weddings. In exactly three days, I am off to India for 3 weeks to attend our friends' wedding ceremony and my brother-in-law's engagement.

Some girls grow up dreaming of their wedding day their whole life. They plan out every single little detail from the dress, the flowers, to the music, to even the groom.

I was not such a little girl. I never wanted to get married. I always thought the concept of being a "wife" was so archaic and wrong. "Mrs. Something" UGH!

Of course I changed my mind when I fell in love with my best friend. After signing a fair amount of pacts and making a ton of promises, we bit the bullet and just went for it.

If you've ever seen Monsoon Wedding, Bend It Like Beckham or Bride and Prejudice, you know how crazy our weddings can be, but also how important they are to our culture. They are occaisons that bring entire families together to celebrate a happy moment.

I've posted a few pics of my wedding 4 years ago. The top left set is of the before. The one in the middle is the during. The one at the bottom is of M and I together after the ceremony. Since I'll be out of country for a while (the ENTIRE month of December), I'll see you all in January.

For more details on my crazy trip out of Seattle, hop on over to: Dona Avoiding Real Work.

Have an excellent New Year everyone!


Marley Gibson said...

How GORGEOUS, Dona! You made a lovely bride...of course. Hope you have an excellent trip and a fabulous time with your family. Take lots of pictures!

Marley = )

TinaFerraro said...

Beautiful, Dona--thanks so much for sharing those with us. And I echo Marley when I say to have a wonderful trip, and bring us home pictures.

We'll miss you!


stephhale said...

You are truly gorgeous. Have a fantastic and SAFE trip! We'll miss you!


Anonymous said...

Dona, you were gorgeous on your wedding day. Of course, you still are gorgeous, but I've never seen you in your traditional clothing. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Have a wonderful trip! Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

Shannon McKelden said...

Lovely as always, Dona! Thanks for sharing the pics and have a safe and fun trip!

Young Adult Authors said...

Dona, you looked mah-velous! Loved all the pictures. Have an excellent time on your trip!

Simone Elkeles said...

I LOVE the pics! You look awesome, and I love the traditional dress. My girl scout troop brought in different traditional dresses and Sailee, one of the girls who is from India, brought in her mom's wedding dress and the other girls loved it.

Your hubby is adorable, too! What a great couple.