Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Movie Love

I used to want a pivotal love scene, like in those great 1980's movies. I wanted that one scene where the characters are finally realizing they are in love and deeply.

You know, like that amazing scene in Say Anything when John Cusack shows up playing "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel? Or when Jake is waiting behind the car for Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles? Or when Molly gives Judd Nelson her earring in The Breakfast Club?

Ah, melting even thinking about those scenes now!

So, maybe my love for these "love revealed" scenes led me to YA romance. I mean, how cool is it to write a makeout scene for a werewolf hero, just moments before the rising moon will separate him and his celebutante love? Pivotal.

I'm not sure that those moments really exist in everyday life, but they sure are fun to read and write. You're rooting for the characters to get together. You're nearly bubbling over with excitement as their relationship is finally out in the open. It's yummy.

So prove me wrong... do those scenes happen? Or is it only something we wish would happen in real life?

Heather Davis is the author of Never Cry Werewolf, HarperCollins 2008


Me said...

Wait... you want actual examples? Like, from real life? Not my life. Not yet, anyway. I keep hoping. I think that we're all hoping -- yes, I'm generalizing about girls in, um, general -- for a moment like that.

My perfect "movie moment" is when a guy and a girl have been friends forever and the girl finally realizes that she loves the guy only to learn that the guy has been in love with her all along... sigh! Like with Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightly in Emma.

For me it's the secret hope that I won't have to realize my perfect guy is, well, my perfect guy because he'll realize it first.

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I've actually had that moment happen for me in real life...my first date with my husband.

He picked me up at 9 am...and we were together for 12 hours. We kept tacking on things to add onto the date so we wouldn't have to seperate. First we went sightseeting, then lunch, then a waterfall, then dinner, then coffee, then Moulin Rouge, then... ;)

At one point during the day, I looked over at him while standing at Crowne Pointe in Portland...overlooking the incredible Columbia Gorge, my chin on his shoulder...and I knew.

He looked over at me and I knew that he knew too.

And since that day everytime I look at him, I still *know*.

(was that too gushy)???

TinaFerraro said...

Sure, perfect "movie" moments happen. But to my way of thinking, life offers us a series of perfect moments, some immediately recognizable, some only in hindsight (and others that turn out to be overrated).

I think my favorite 80's movie moment was in "Dirty Dancing," when Johnny said, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner".