Friday, November 24, 2006

What do you covet?

Crush of the week: Designer Purses

Since today is the biggest shopping day of the year I felt it was appropriate to blog about something completely materialistic.

As I have gotten older, I have developed a love of designer purses. This is not a good thing. I long for the days when I was satisfied with my $40 Espirit purses. sigh. Here's my current crush.

This is the Coach Holiday Patchwork Shoulder Tote. It retails for $398.

My head realizes that this is an insane amount of money to spend on a purse that one of my kids will puke on within a week, but my heart reaches out to stroke the suede and leather patches each time I enter a certain department store.

Designer purses, why do I covet thee so? Don't you realize that I could use the money much more wisely? Why do you have to tempt me with your dogleash closure, multi-function pockets, and inside zip pockets. Why do you sparkle under your glass case and call to me even though you know I purposely didn't bring my credit card to the store with me? Do you have no shame? Don't you even care if I have a nest egg when I get old, or would you rather me be wearing you on my shoulder while I eat cat food?

Okay, I feel better. Please tell me what guilty pleasure you covet, and I swear if anybody says world peace I'm going to scream. It must be purely materialistic! :)



All that matters is what's long as your outside is wearing the tiara.REVENGE OF THE HOMECOMING QUEEN, coming from Berkley Jam in July 2007


Anonymous said...

I covet laptop computers. I shorted my first one out, then I got this one which is a widescreen HP, I love it. Or I did until I saw this tiny little maroon laptop that my aunt has. (Jamie had a little Dell that I was coveting before that) Plus I have an alphasmart 3000, but I keep wanting a Neo or a Dana (better alpha smarts than the 3000). Alphasmarts, by the way, are basically keyboards with a small screen that you can type on and upload to your comptuer. They were designed for students and are very sturdy- so perfect for typing while sitting in the yard or at the playground.

chanceofbooks said...

I'm not into purses or shoes so much. I do like big bags, and I own a number, but I'm all about the bargains. $200 purse marked down to $50 at TJ Maxx? I'll take it scuff marks and all. But show me some chi-chi yarn, and I'll whip out the plastic. Hair of goat mixed with pure silver and only available in limited quanties? I'm there. I also covet good linens--towels, sheets, covers, featherbeds. Which is silly b/c I hate to do laundry, can't keep anything white, and have three pets. Yet, I swoon over linens. I covet good knives and kitchen implements. If I had more money, I'd live in the housewares section :)

stephhale said...

I have been thinking about getting an Alpha. I really need one for taking outside while the kids are playing. I'll tell Santa.
Thanks for posting, Bethany!

stephhale said...

Ha Wavy Brains,

Yeah, I could change my bedding every week. Good thing I don't have a Linens N Things or Bed, Bath and Beyond within a 45 mile radius! :)


Marley Gibson said...

I totally respect the bag obsession. I'm always looking at Bluefly or Kenneth Cole or Kate Spade to catch good bag sales.

Bethany, I absolutely LOVE my Neo. It weighs nothing and it's so easy to write on it. Highly recommend it.

Wavy, I'm with you on the kitchen gadgets. I have so many and there are so many that I covet. I have a few gift certificates that I need to exercise. I'm addicted to All-Clad and really desire a nice Le Crueset pot.

Honestly, I'm addicted to books. Buying them, picking them out, holding them, stacking them up...not necessarily reading them. I just like having them and purchasing them. Crazy, huh?

Marley = )

stephhale said...


That's my REAL obsession b/c it doesn't bite so bad at 9.99 a piece! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Marley, that's good to know about the Neo. The Dana now has wi-fi, but I think that would be too much of a distraction. . . and I hear the Neo is sturdier than the Dana- sounds perfect for an active mom! I sound like a sales pitch, and the sad thing is I hardly used my alphasmart because I spent the entire summer on revisions, not writing. So hey, I guess I should just buy a designer purse instead! Right Steph?

TinaFerraro said...

A few years ago, a women's clothing store opened near me. And while I've never been a clothes horse, I love everything they stock. In fact, I've gone so crazy in there they actually call me to announce sales. How's THAT for an obsession?

Great blog, Steph!


Young Adult Authors said...

It's funny, but in addition to books, I covet movies. I am the girl in the theatre who sits breathlessly through the previews and says, "I'm so seeing that!" after all most each one. Luckily, I've had way more opportunities to go to the cine as of late. If a guy hates going to the movies (and then talking about them after) it's a total deal breaker. Movies rock.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lotions 'n potions addict myself. It doesn't have to be expensive, as long as it smells good and makes my skin or hair look and feel fabulous. And if it looks pretty in my bathroom, bonus!

I also have a thing for Bratz dolls. While my boys are hanging out in the Star Wars aisle, you can find me ooing and ahhing over Bratz dolls. I got 2 for Christmas last year, and they hang out looking cute and sassy in my home office.

Wendy Toliver