Sunday, November 04, 2007

Checkin' the System

BuzzBlog readers may remember a few months back when Growing Up Godly became OH. MY. GODS. (a way better title anyway). Well, the reason it changed at that time, my editor said, was that the info was due to the catalog that goes out to book buyers and other folks responsible for ordering books.

Oh my gosh, I thought. If the catalog is going out, surely I'm going to show up on any day now!

So I started checking. Not every day. I'm not as obsessed--er, devoted as some people. Still, once or twice a week I would log on, type in my name, and cross my fingers. Nothing. Nada. A bunch of random books that have absolutely nothing to do with me. Sometimes I would pop over to Amazon and try there. Or, which searches bunches of sites simultaneously. Like I said, I'm not obsessed.

Then one day (okay, day before yesterday) I was with my mom at the local Borders by my parents' house in OKC. We had run in so I could grab a research book, and on the way out I said, "Hey, I'm gonna check their system real quick."

And that's when it happened. I was there. My book was there. OH. MY. GODS. was available for pre-order!!!

As soon as I got home I logged on to Amazon. Yep, I was in there. Books-a-Million? Uh-huh. Barnes and Noble? Well... I'm still waiting on that one. But for the last forty-eight hours, all I can think about is the fact that people all over the world can order my book right now. (And, at least on Amazon, at a totally amazing 32% discount!)

My guilty pleasure? Feeling like the distant dream is finally becoming a reality.


OH. MY. GODS. (Dutton) May 2008
Available for pre-order!


TinaFerraro said...

Yay for OH. MY. GODS. being accessible in the real world now! And may I tell you that if you DO find yourself becoming one of the obsessed (uh, devoted?), that the constant checking DOES simmer down. You DO get your life back. I am living proof! :)

stephhale said...

OMG, that is so exciting. I remember checking obsessively like that and freaking once I was finally on Amazon. B&N is really slow. They didn't put mine up until really close to the release date. Enjoy the buzz!

Marley Gibson said...

Whoooooohooooooo, Tera!!!! Checking in from vacay in South Beach and just saw your book on Amazon! That is soooo cool! Oh, and since we're both with Penguin, I thought I'd look to see if my book is up and THERE is the first SORORITY 101 book, as well, as Kate Harmon - ZETA OR OMEGA? How exciting! And we're releasing on the same day - May 1, 2008! I'm smelling a massive partay here at the Buzz Girls! Hugs!