Sunday, November 11, 2007

Indulgence on a Lazy Sunday

Technically, I'm under deadline. The sequel to OH. MY. GODS. is due to my editor on Thursday. But... I'm almost done with my once-over revision, so I'm granting myself a lazy Sunday morning. (Not just because I've earned it, but because I feel a virus coming on and I'd rather spend one day relaxing than lose a week to the flu!) The question is, what all can I do from the comfort of my bed? Answer: Tons.

1. READ. I just finished up Kresley Cole's second paranormal, No Rest For The Wicked, and it was just yummy. A crazy, inventive "Lore" version of the Amazing Race (meaning Valkyrie's and Vampires and Werewolves are all competing for seriously supernatural prize). And I have book three, Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night, on my nightstand. Even more hours of enthrallment. (And then there's the rest of the TBR pile... I could be here for weeks.)

2. WATCH TV. When I don't have the energy to hunt for something else on TV, I tune in to my standby favorites: murder mystery shows. I'm a huge sucker for everything from Murder, She Wrote to Columbo. Diagnosis: Murder. Matlcok. Perry Mason. The occasional Mystery Woman (I love Kelli Martin, but the acting? Ugh.) If I can find it, I'll watch any version of Law & Order and CSI. I also love the mysteries from across the pond: Poirot (and anything Agatha Christie, really), Midsommer Murders, Wire in the Blood, and Waking the Dead. (Trust me, the Brits d dark and edgy way better than we do!)

3. WORK. Okay, so I'm not all rest and relaxation on my lazy Sunday. Since I've got a laptop (and my internet connection is, at the moment, working) I can work from bed. I'm composing this post in bed. I'm going to make a little more progress on my revision later. I may even work on a couple of other book ideas if I can't stop thinking about them. I can check email, update my website, order bookmarks, or anything. Laptops and wireless internet are just amazing! (Plus, I feel totally Meg Cabot.)

Now that you know what I'm doing on a lazy Sunday, it's your turn to spill. How do you like to spend a day where you don't have to do anything?


OH. MY. GODS. (Dutton) May 2008


TinaFerraro said...

How wonderful that you have this free day, TLC! I actually have gone as far as I can go on my revisions, too, so I'm in a similar situation.

On lazy days, I usually buzz around, taking long walks and getting a jump on the errands/housework that will lighten my load for the busy week ahead. Then, with that behind me, I like to curl up with a book or a video--especially old episodes of LOST.

stephhale said...

These days do not exist for me anymore. Sigh. Before I had kids I would literally spend an entire Sunday doing nothing but watching Lifetime movies. I kind of miss those lazy Sundays, but the kids are pretty darn cute too. :) I hope you get to feeling better.

Marley Gibson said...

Love the free day! Had one of those myself. Slept 'til 11 a.m., did laundry, read J.R. Ward's DARK LOVER, talked to friends, cooked comfort food for dinny. Tomorrow, it's back to work after 8 days of vacay. Give me strength...

Kay Lockner said...

Hugs on being under the weather, Tera! Good for you for taking a lazy day to give yourself a well-deserved rest (and woohoo on the revisions!).

Lazy days are a pretty rare occurrence. But I'll usually curl up with a book or watch a movie, football or stand-up comedy with my dh. Anything but Playhouse Disney. :-)