Monday, November 26, 2007

The Things We Take For Granted...

Our final week of What We’re Thankful For falls into our Buzz category, which means talking about pretty much anything in our universe that gets some buzz!

But turning that concept on its side, I’d like to give snaps and recognition to the things in our lives that we rarely stop and think about. The things, that sometimes, you only appreciate when you realize they are gone--permanently or momentarily. The things we often take for granted.

Here are some of mine:

My good health.
A bump-in and nice chat with a casual friend.
A good night’s sleep.

How close my family has remained.
My comfortable standard of living (not rich, but the fact I can afford what I need).
My good, solid internet connection!

How about you? Do you have something you fail to give its due?


Tina Ferraro
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Anonymous said...

Hi Tina,
I'm most thankful for my family and my wonderful parents who at 64 years of marriage are still very healthy and very much a part of my life.
And for friends.
My health
And Kettle One Vodka.

PS Tina...what's a good night's sleep??!!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Family, being able to do what I love and friends. :)

TinaFerraro said...

Um, Janie, I think a good night's sleep is what you get after you drink Kettle One Vodka. :) Only kidding, everyone! The Buzz Girls do not condone drinking...especially not underage!

Jessica, I couldn't agree more. Freedom and friends.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

I'm just so glad we are healthy and happy, sometimes when I'm rushed or busy I lose sight on those valuable things!

Me said...

How wonderful, Tina.

I'm thankful for... parents friends furnace (a low of 39 tonight) Blogger cookie (it hasn't been working for a few weeks, making it, um, difficult to comment on posts) Barnes and Noble discount card writing support network (Buzz Girls, West Houston RWA, my agent, my editor, and those writing friends I only get to see once a year at conference)

TJ Brown said...

I am thankful for... Chocolate. Everytime I eat a moonstruck chocolate, I know that God exists and he really, really loves me.

TinaFerraro said...

Kelly, I think our busy lives are a big part of why we take things for granted.

TLC, yes to everything, especially temperature control! It's getting cold here now, too, and I'm really appreciating my comforter and my heater.

TJ--chocolate. Need we say more?

Thanks, guys!

stephhale said...

I've definitely been taking my health for granted. My asthma recently flaired up reminding me to take better care of myself!

Heather Davis said...

Yes and yes to all of the above.

I'm so thankful for my family and friends (new and old)!

I do take technology for granted. How amazing to be able to take my MS to the coffee shop on my laptop. How did I live without it?



Marley Gibson said...

Great post, Tina. Definitely grateful for the good night's sleep...when I can get it.

= )

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Steph, Heather and Marley!