Saturday, August 23, 2008


Another topic of the now-infamous Buzz-Girl-A-Thon at Nationals was Blogs! After all, that is how the Buzz Girls all got together! Heather Davis and I decided that neither of us were going to be able to blog every day, so we decided to ask every YA author we knew if they wanted to do a joint blog. Enter Simone, Marley, TLC, Steph and Tina, and the Buzz Girls were born!

We decided that we would be in rotation: Week 1 focusing on Books, Week 2 focusing on Boys, Week 3 focusing on Buzz in the industry, entertainment, whatever!

Out blog posts have been serious (Simone's on her father, Marley's on animals, mine on eating disorders), funny (Simone's on sagging, Tina's on her basketball challenge, Tera's on well, anything), teen-related (sex in teen novels, what we're reading now). and informative (this week!)

Some topics that really get a lot of comments:
  • Any contest
  • Any post asking people to weigh on on controversial topics like sex, Twilight, teens in the entertainment biz, etc
  • Any post asking people to vote on author pictures.

I love blogging with the Buzz Girls. Not only do we learn so much about each other, we also have a fun, unpredictable blog that has a vibrant personality of its own!

What are some blogs you read regularly?


Dona Sarkar-Mishra



both out now!


Heather Davis said...

Hey Dona! Yes, blogging can be really fun -- but it's way more fun with friends. Aside from BBB blog, I read a variety of them online these days. Back when I started writing, I read a lot of agent blogs, but now I mostly read other authors and current event stuff.

TinaFerraro said...

I have many blogs bookmarked, but the truth is, my daily schedule doesn't allow for much visiting. So I pretty much visit here and at my blog with my cp, Kelly Parra, as well as a few non-writing blogs that amuse me.

And thanks for the brief history of our blog...I didn't actually know alll the details since I was the last to sign on! :)