Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman...Dona Sarkar!

The crowd goes WILD for Dona Sarkar!

And why not? Her second novel, SHRINK TO FIT is out and available for purchase. We're so proud of our Buzz Girl, Dona, and all of her accomplishments.

I met Dona in 2004 at the RWA Conference in Dallas, Texas. She won me over with her enthusiasm and dedication to her writing. I was tickled pink when she sold her first book, HOW TO SALSA IN A SARI.

Here she is with fellow Buzz Girl, Heather Davis, during our Buzz in YA panel at Nationals in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago:

And a writer's gotta eat, you know! Here's Heather, Dona, and Tera Lynn at our lunch at The Thai King. (Has anyone blogged out the robbery we witnessed? let me tell you, Buzz Girls are something to be reckoned with when apprehending a suspect! LOL!!)

Dona stopped my table at the Literacy Signing to visit:

Doesn't Dona look stunning in her electric blue cocktail dress during the Ritas?

Why would anyone even attempt to stand next to Dona in a picture? LOL!

All this is to say that I'm proud to call Dona a friend and I'm so thrilled about her new book, SHRINK TO FIT. I hope everyone goes out and gets it as it's a really strong story that will resonate with teens.

And to spice things up, I'm going to give away a copy of Dona's book to one lucky winner! Just post a comment in the message trail about what you love about teen books. Feel free to enter as many times as you'd like. Winner will be announced next week.

Congrats, Dona!

Marley = )

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Anonymous said...

i wanna win

Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Awww, Marley, that is the SWEETEST post I've ever read about me...thanks so much baby :)

I LOVE you guys and count my blessings every day to have a group like the BUzz GIRLS to support me!

stephhale said...

Great pics, Marley! Dona, you look amazing as usual! :)

Meredith said...

I just love the stories. They are easy to relate to and they are (usually) pretty clean, which I like.


paperxxflowers said...

It's definitely easier for me to relate to the characters when the characters are closer to my age!

The Compulsive Reader said...

Way to go Dona! Congrats.

Kwana said...

Great post Marley and what's not to love about Dona. Teen books are wonderful they always go right to the core of true basic emotions. Congrats on the new Release Dona!

TinaFerraro said...

Marley, you did a beautiful job with this post.

Tina (also a card-carrying member of the I Love Dona and Her Books Fan Club!)

Breanna said...

Aww congrats to Dona! Yay! Her book sounds amazing and I love the cover. It's great =)

What I love most about teen books are the story lines. I love all the issues and the drama involved in them. It's what makes teen reads so great.


Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

You guys are just SO sweet! Thanks so much everyone!!!