Saturday, February 14, 2009



Sorry for the late post tonight, but I was at a *very* special Valentine’s Day Tea and Chocolate party hosted by some truly “romantic” authors: Pat White, Alexis Morgan, Shelli Stevens, Lacey Danes and yours truly (even though the verdict is still out on how “romantic” I am!)

We had an amazing evening author meet n' greet and saw tons of old and new friends!

There were tons of various forms of chocolates, delicious tea a la Pat White, cookies and amazing friends!

Enjoying Green Tea and 200 calorie cookies!

Our friends are awesome!

Dona trying to be "quippy" :)

The Romance Writers

Our books are all about a meeting between two people and how they fall in (sigh) Loooovveee. So, dear blog readers...please share with us: how did you meet your sweetheart? The person with the best story wins MY gift basket:
- Room atomizer (for romantic nights)
- Copy of Simone Elkeles's PERFECT CHEMISTRY (for romance gone right)
- Copy of Dona Sarkar's SHRINK TO FIT (for romance gone wrong)
You have until Monday morning 10 am PST to post your love story. Good luck!
Dona Sarkar-Mishra


sweetmelissa818 said...

Mine's not too fascinating to other people, but I like it! I met my husband at a friends birthday party and he didn't even acknowledge my existence. It took almost a year for him to even pay any attention to me, but when it happened, it happened! As of this November, we will have been together 10 years and now we've got 2 beautiful daughters! We never could have imagined anything greater!


Amanda Villagómez said...

I had met my husband before, but we never really talked until Hispanic ministries at my church was organizing for their Cinco de Mayo celebration. They needed extra people to dance el Jarabe Tapatio and I just happened to be there. Once they roped me in we were forced to get to know each other a bit while we practiced. The rest is history...

Iserr said...

Kind of a strange meeting, but we met at a high school blood drive held in the gym. Me and two of my other friend were in line to donate,and it just so happens that he was in between us three and right next to me. My friend and I got to talking and he joined in on the conversation, and we realized we had lots in common. It was my first time donating blood, so he reasured me that I would be fine. After we both donated blood we sat on the mat for out 15 min., and it was there that we exchanged our numbers. Since then we've been inseperable and we've been together for 3yrs know. I cannot imagine my life without my other half, and we would not have met if I had not faced my fear of needles and gone to the blood drive.

Sarah Jensen said...

I went to church with my fiance and met my husband's sister. She said she knew that I was meant for her brother. So when the fiance started dating my roommate, I moved from Kansas to Utah. Low and behold, my future husband lived in Utah.

She called me months after I had left her lovely state and asked if I'd go on a blind date with her brother. Okay, she was beautiful, (and I use past tense because she died ten years ago of brain cancer) and I thought that if he resembled her at all, then at least he'd be cute.

Well, he was hot! (Yea me!) And we went to the Utah State Fair on our date. I had a few guys that I'd gone out with a few times, but after that date, which he didn't kiss me on, I stopped dating anyone.

And then was devastated when a month went by and he hadn't called me. (He's a truck driver, and didn't have a cell, and was stuck on the East Coast for three weeks.)

When he finally did, I was babysitting a friends two little girls overnight and couldn't leave. So he came over and played Barbies with those girls. Can I just say what a turn on that was!

A month later, (3 dates later) I kissed him and then asked him to marry me over the computer on his truck. :)

He called me to make sure it wasn't a cruel joke, and 3 weeks later, we were married.

That was a little over 12 years ago. :)

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Lori T said...

My story is not overly romantic or exciting...I have known my husband for almost twenty five years (yes, I am old) and we started as friends. He was just a really great friend. We hung out often, talked about everything, and were just there for each other. He moved away and we wrote letters and when he moved back it just seemed like we should be together and we started dating. As of this June, we will have been married for twenty one years!

It sounds like you had a very fun Valentine's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't have a significant other, so I'll share the story about my current crush.
It probably shouldn't be a big deal, but I have never in my life liked anyone in that way, so it came as a huge surprise. I'm still surprised.

Anyways, he was in one of my classes last year, but I never really payed any attention to him. Rather, I kind of checked out his best friend who was also in our class.
This year, he's in my calc class.
In the beginning of the year, I still didn't pay much attention and he was just another guy.
But then we started talking and that a word?
And then he joined this club I'm in, and we started spending more time together.
And all of a sudden, I started seeing him as more than a friend.
I have no idea when or how this happened, but it did. I'm still in shock.
And he just recently broke up with his gf, so...

Heather Davis said...

Looks like you all had a great signing, Dona! Wish I could have been over there, too. I don't have any great meeting stories, but there sure are some cute ones being posted.


Paradox said...

I don't have a significant other or even a crush... so no story. :(

Well, unless you count the kid in 1st grade who would run away when I tried to talk to him, so I had to get his friend to give him my notes that say "I love you." But he would only have his friend give them back to me because "he didn't want it." I don't think he ever said a word to me.

paradoxrevealed (at) aim (dot) com

Jhenne Tyler B. said...

I'm in Paradox's boat :)
No real crush (I blame my lack of potential bf collegemates)no current bf, no sig. other.

So I guess I'll go with the time I intended to get married.

It was kindergarden, and I had a crush on one of my classmates (most likely because he reminded me of Tuxedo mask of Sailor Moon, haha) So, using my handy construction paper and crayons, I made a set of wedding invitations for all of my friends. All of them had a picture of him in his tux, me in my -pink and orange- wedding dress, and the neccisary info (by the curly slide during second reccess)

Since I didn't give the boy any forwarning, I decided to make an invite for him too.

Luckily for me, when I told my mom she decided that it wasn't the best of ideas. Of course, like any caring mom, she kept one of them just to pull out and laugh at every now and then.

(By the way, Happy -Desperately Late- Singles Awareness Day Everyone :D)