Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mid-winter Writing Retreat

Well, I'm off tomorrow to meet up with my writing partners for my October non-fiction I won't be around until next week. Just wanted to congratulate Heather on her book cover and Tera Lynn on her mermaid books. It's all very exciting. So much going on here at Books, Boys, Buzz.

I got tagged over on Facebook for a "25 Random Things About Me," so I thought I would respond here and tag all of our readers for whoever want to weigh in in the comment section are welcome to...and the random thing I think is the most clever...well, I'll send you a copy of any one YA book that you'd like from one of our Buzz Girls.

Here we go...
  1. I've lived in four (4) states: Massachusetts, Virginia, Texas, Alabama
  2. My two kitties both have six (6) toes on their back paws.
  3. I'm a self-taught gourmet chef and I probably own every ridiculous kitchen gadget there is like a mango slicer and a rasper and an apple corer.
  4. I can sing "O Canada" - in English and in French.
  5. I think bean sprouts are the creepiest food there is.
  6. I still have all four (4) wisdom teeth.
  7. I used to be a child actor in the university town I grew up in. I was in The Sound of Music, The Music Man, The King and I, Showboat, Oklahoma!, and Help! Help! The Globbalinks!
  8. The first time I flew was when I was five years old and my brother and I rode in a crop-dusting plane.
  9. I'm allergic to tree nuts.
  10. I've met three (3) United States presidents.
  11. I have a photographic memory...which would have come in handy in college had I known then. Doh!
  12. Watched MTV premiere in August 1981 at my fellow cheerleader, Gwen's, house. She had a satellite!
  13. Can twirl a baton.
  14. My hair isn't naturally curly. = )
  15. I'm the baby of my family by nine (9) years.
  16. My grandpa was a master carpenter on Broadway and was nominated for a Tony Award.
  17. I sleep on my stomach.
  18. I saw a full-bodied apparition at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado back in November. It was...amazing. Total chill bumps and tears when I realized what it was.
  19. I still listen to my favorite 80s artists just like they're still on the radio: Rick Springfield, Hall and Oates, Journey, Billy Joel.
  20. Has sat in the chair of the Speaker of the House.
  21. I'm a cancer survivor.
  22. I could eat clam chowder for every meal.
  23. I'm addicted to online Sudoku...up to the "hard" level.
  24. I Google myself. (LOL!)
  25. Think that chocolate chip cookie dough is actually better than the baked cookies.

There you have it...25 random things about me. Now it's your turn!!

Marley = )

GHOST HUNTRESS: THE AWAKENING (Coming May 2009, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
GHOST HUNTRESS: THE GUIDANCE (Coming October 2009, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
GHOST HUNTRESS: THE REASON (Coming May 2010, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)
CHRISTMAS MIRACLES (Coming October 2009, St. Martin's Press)
SORORITY 101: Zeta or Omega? (Available from Puffin Books)
SORORITY 101: The New Sisters (Available from Puffin Books)


Kiki said...

Haha, I love finding out about people in these 25-things memes.

A random thing about me:

I've lifted and carried my boyfriend on my shoulders when we performed as a Chinese lion for our kung fu teacher's gallery opening. Everyone assumed it was the other way around.

sunnynikki said...

I think leftover Chinese and Mexican food is a legit breakfast even if there is no time to heat it up.

Amanda Villagómez said...

In college I went backpacking in Spain on part of El Camino de Santiago. It was so rainy and windy that one day my pancho completely shredded in the rain. All my clothes on me and in my backpack were soaked (and did not completely dry for the rest of the trip)!

Simone Elkeles said...

Can you tell me how you've met 3 US presidents please!

Marley Gibson said...

LOL...welllllllll Simone...

When I was in college and worked in the SGA, I was among a group that was chosen to meet President Ford. I introduced myself, shook his hand and he said, "Nice to meet you Molly" and I said, "No sir, Mr. President. It's Marley."

When I interned in DC, I got to go to a rally for President Reagan at Andrew's Air Force Base. I didn't get to "meet" him...but I got to shake his hand, which was pretty cool.

I got to shake President Bush the Elder's hand outside the House chamber after his first State of the Union in 1989.

Ohhhh...and I met Bill Clinton three times when he was campaigning for President, but not when he was ACTUALLY I guess you could say I've met four! = )

Unknown said...

Random thing about me:

In the fifth grade I dressed up like Tina Turner to compete in a womanless beauty review. The winner earned 10 extra points in the classof their choice.

Thanks to Tina I passed fifth grade math.

Anonymous said...

lol, I just did this on my facebook.
and i did a '100 facts' one on my livejournal.
ngl, i like talking about myself. lol.

my random fact:
Well, I've always wanted to be a doctor. My life has basically revolved around the medical field.
So, when I was five, my family was moving from California to a city called Madison.
But I always thought my parents were saying 'medicine' rather than 'Madison', so I thought we were moving into a hospital or something. I was pretty excited, and so confused when the moving van pulled up to a house rather than a hospital.