Friday, August 21, 2009

Better late than never?

I am terribly ashamed to admit that only recently I joined the ranks of recyclers. In my defense, there wasn't really a service available until a year of so ago. I thought I was doing my part by stuffing all my plastic bags away and reusing them as liners for my bathroom garbage, rummage sales, etc. We have always recycled our cans though.
Then my six-year-old learned about recycling at school and started nagging me about it. I kept calling and calling to get a tote from our local recycler and it finally got dropped off a few weeks ago. I called to ask them what exactly they would take because I was completely clueless. Everything. They take everything. Okay, not everything, but my mind was completely blown when I realized how much was able to be recycled. Guilt swirled around in my gut as I realized how quickly just our plastics added up. It has become nothing short of an obsession for me. I feel so insanely good knowing I'm actually making a difference. I used to have to take our garbage out once a day. Now I'm down to about once every four days unless I cook something smelly. Now I really am doing my part. I have to admit I am still taking those devilish plastic bags home from Wal-Mart because I always buy so much. And they don't seem to have a bin to bring back your old ones. So how about you, what are you doing to save the Earth?



Brooke Reviews said...

That's great! When we lived in an apartment we didn't have a recycling service. Guess it would have been to expensive for them, but every Thursday at our house, the recycling truck comes by. I usually have about 2 1/5 bins full for them. I recycle everything I can lol.

You're right about the garbage too. We used to take the garbage out pretty much everyday. Now it's about every 3 days! YAY for recycling!

Wow, I didn't mean to go on, and seem crazy. lol :D

TinaFerraro said...

I'm a major recycler, although I forget my grocery sacks far too often! But we recycle everything we can, including my kids taking cans and plastic bottles to a cash center every few months or so for spending money.

The oddest thing I recycle is bottled water. The actual water. Instead of pouring the last little bit I find in kids' discarded water bottles down the drain, I pour it on front porch plants. And believe me, they're greener for it!

sunnynikki said...

I try to use reusable bags rather than the plastic bags but then I run out of bags to use in my trash can and I have to switch back to plastic for a bit. I also bike or walk everywhere I can when it isn't too hot. I live within walking distance of about three grocery stores, two book stores, and many many restaurants. When it isn't summer I can bike to work.

Marley Gibson said...

Good for you, Stephanie! I, too, recycle. We have a great program in my building for glass, plastic, paper, and boxes. And...this summer, I've been to a few beaches and have done my duty by picking up OTHER people's trash that they've left. What is wrong with them????

Unknown said...

Hello, Stephanie!

D. D. Scott here!

You rock w/your recycling efforts! Well done!

My DH and I are also avid recyclers. In fact, we just bought a bigger recycled plastic bin to stock pile all the recyclables in til' the truck picks it up each week.

Also, we finally quit using plastic bags and bought all the re-usable fabric bags at everywhere from Target to Krogers to Staples and beyond. We just leave those in our vehicles and take them in each place we shop.

Keep up the good, green Earth efforts. Together, we can all make a difference!

Sexy, Sassy, Smart Earth Wishes ---D. D. Scott