Monday, October 26, 2009

The CSI Halloween Party Game

With Halloween just days away--and on a Saturday night this year--I thought it might be fun to post a party game I’ve heard about. But warning, it’s a bit on the gross side...

Start with candlelight, and arrange your friends in a circle. You explain that you are now CSI investigators who needs to identify the remains of a victim who just met his untimely death. Make up a victim’s name, and the specifics of his death.

Hand out pencils and paper.

Then pass around brown bags, saying:

"This is his brain..." (it will be filled with cooked cauliflower)
"This is his heart..." (peeled raw tomato)
"This is his liver..." (how about spam?)
"These are his eyes..." (peeled grapes)
"These are his teeth..." (unpopped corn)
"These are his fingers..." (raw carrots)

And anything else you can dream up!

As you are going along, encourage your friends to help you with specifics about the crime. And to write down what they think they actually felt in the bag.

Then have them return the answers to you. When you’ve tallied them, announce the way the crime has been “solved,” (anything you want, like a spongy brain indicated poisioning) as well as the winner of the guessing game. How about handing out two movie tickets to a slasher-thriller or Paranormal Activity as a prize?

Hope you have a Happy Halloween, whatever you do!


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stephhale said...

That sounds like fun, Tina. I love any kind of game. I've always wanted to go to one of those murder mystery dinners!

Celise said...

I'm a mentor in the Free Arts AZ mentoring program and I've been placed at a group home for teen girls. We go in each week and create, well, art. Don't know if we're allowed to play games that aren't created through art, but it sounds like fun if you were having a party or something.

Me said...

Um, ew. I adore CSI and all those kinds of shows, but I'm not interested in the hands on bit.

But I would totally do a murder mystery dinner party. That sounds like a blast!

Heather Davis said...

Yucky! That sounds like the stunts I used to pull as the official Halloween door-opener at my house. The peeled grapes scare the little kids every time!

Janie Emaus said...

Sounds like fun. But I think I'll pass this year.