Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hump Day Hottie #10

It's the 10-week anniversary of HDH and time for another ode. This time to the buzz cut. Over the past couple of years I've noticed the return of the buzz cut (or crew cut or, surprisingly enough, wiffle cut).

For me it all began with Prison Break. Wentworth Miller is my current dream hottie--the kind that makes me want to sign up for a one-way flight to L.A. (even though I'm sure Prison Break films somewhere else) What's not to love about those mesmerizing eyes and chiseled cheekbones. Sigh. And the fact the Michael Scofield (his character) is a certified genius who sacrificed his own freedom to break his death-sentenced brother out of jail? Well, that's just icing on the buzz cut cake.

Also on Prison Break is Dominic Purcell (aka the death-sentenced brother, Lincoln Burrows). Some of you may remeber Dominic from his role as the original vampire Drake in Blade: Trinity. Awful movie, totally hot Dracula. I'd break him out of prison any day.

If Prison Break is my current favorite show, The Unit is a close second. Thanks in no small part to Scott Foley (of Felicity fame--which makes it hard to find pictures that aren't more than five years old). I'm not the kind of girl that goes for the military type, but for Scott I could definitely make an exception.

And then to the recently debated Matthew Fox (Jack on LOST). He gave up his Charlie Salinger locks for the Doctor Jack buzz cut... I think we can all agree that it was a wise career move. Somehow the tight cut makes him seem even more reliable and in charge.

Here are a few more parting shots. The perennial hottie, Chad Michael Murray (model for the best friend in my upcoming book). The Guy Ritchie bad boy, Jason Statham (um... The Transporter, hello!). Even funny man Seann Michael Scott has gone the way of the buzz. Can these guys showing up on Buzz Blog be far behind?


TinaFerraro said...

Hurray for the Buzz Boys, and thanks for those pictures of some of my favorites!

I've already admitted my weakness for Matthew Fox, but now I'm owning up to Jason Statham and Seann Michael Scott, as well.

Thick locks or crew cut, these guys are a pleasure to look at!


Anonymous said...

Fun to read and look. You know I love the buzz cut......


Me said...

Sigh, yes that was really my mom. (And she's refering to the fact that my dad finally gave in to the clippers a few years back.)

Tina, there is no shame in the Jason Statham weakness. Especially after that oil scene in The Transporter. =)

Marley Gibson said...

(Waving at Tera's mom!)

You know, these guys are all wicked cute, but I have to say I need a full head of hair to run my fingers in and play in. I still prefer Matthew Fox in his Charlie Salinger days. Man, someone needs to rerun PARTY OF FIVE.

Marley = )

TinaFerraro said...

TLC, I only know Jason Statham from The Italian Job (Handsome Rob!) But I just added The Transporter to my Netflix queue. Thanks!


stephhale said...

How cute that your mom posted! I am not a fan of the buzz cut even though my hubby always wears his hair like that. Some of those boys are seriously hot though. I've decided that I absolutely have to rent the first season of Prison Break then the second when it comes out. Jason Statham is SO hot, we've got Transporter 2 on our TIVO list right now.
I so miss Felicity but I think Scott looked better with long hair. Poor guy lost his hair and his wife! :)
ps- when u don't answer emails EVER people worry...i'm just saying.

Me said...

Steph--I have Prison Break Season 1. I'll send it to you if you forgive me for disappearing (I was in Texas). =)

Simone Elkeles said...

Love that sexy guy from Prison Break. Is his name really Wentworth? Hmm...wonder how he got that name.

Thanks for the hottie guys! Love 'em!

~Simone Elkeles

Anonymous said...

And just to add to my post, I think one of the original provocative but "unseen" buzz cuts of all times was Elvis as he entered Army Boot Camp. Somehow his handlers and the world then thought he would loose something of his image if they showed him "clipped." Little did they know!

TinaFerraro said...

Elvis with a buzz cut--yes! In addition to drawing more attention to his handsome features, I think it brought out the patriotism in a lot of people, too, making him a symbol for our country--and if possible--even more popular.


stephhale said...

OMG, I will be eagerly waiting by the mailbox, TLC!
Tera's mom~
Elvis, yum!


Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

Steph, you will be in LOVE with Wentworth...he is oh so fine.

Anonymous said...

DOM PURCELL? Hot. He used to be on a show I used to watch called "John Doe."
JASON STATHAM? Hottie to the nth degree. If you think he was good in the Transporter movies, you all should check out that, um, PDA scene in the movie "Crank".
SEAN WILLIAM? Needs to grow his hair back and then he'll be a hottie again in my eyes.

Everyone else can fall by the wayside. They do nothing for me. I've noticed that not all guys look good with buzz cuts (i.e. Sean William) They have to have the right shaped head for it. Like my hubby. He looks damn good in a buzz cut. And David Beckham. Another hottie to the nth degree.

Young Adult Authors said...

Whew! I'm away a few days and the buzz blog is awash in hotties. Props for Prison Break. I loved Wentworth (hard to type name!) Miller sooo much last season. :)