Sunday, November 19, 2006

Still Crazy (Uh, Make That Hot) After All These Years

People Magazine came out with its Sexiest Man Alive for 2006 this week, and for the second time, chose George Clooney.

They'll only get raves from me. I've watched OCEAN'S 11 so many times I've got the lines memorized. And I admit I saw SOLARIS on the big screen simply because of all the hoopla about his backside!

In any case, those movies were a few years ago, and our boy George is well into his forties now, and gracing People's cover with unabashedly gray hair. It made me think about him and some of his forty-something colleagues who have been in the public eye for years, and what they looked like "then" as opposed to "now"...

"Brad to the Bone" Pitt

"Gorgeous George" Clooney

Patrick "Dr. McDreamy" Dempsey

Antonio "He'll Always Be Zorro to Me" Bandaras

Are they as good-looking as ever? Maybe better? Can you think of some other mah-ve-lous looking forty-something men who we have watched mature?


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Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

I'm fanning myself over my coffee, Tina! lol!

I'm not sure of Skeet Ulrich's age, but he's definitely matured well too!!

TJ Brown said...


George was funny, he and Brad used to "argue because Brad had been people's sexiest man alive twice and George only once. HA! He said in an interview that he couldn't wait to tell Brad.

stephhale said...

I think they have all definitely gotten better with time! George especially! Great post, Tina. How about Anthony Michael Hall? I can't believe how hot he's gotten! :)

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Marley Gibson said...

George has gotten better with time, definitely. Patrick was adorable back then and now he's very handsome. He grew into his looks. None of them are hard on the eyes. LOL!!

Marley = )

Anonymous said...

How about Kevin Costner? He seems to get better looking every year.

Where did you find that old photo of George?


Young Adult Authors said...

Whew! I will always love the Clooney... yum. Who else... Pierce Bronsnan definitely got cuter since his Remmington Steele days. Obviously Johnny Depp post 21 Jump Street is way hotter now... There are so many, aren't there?

Simone Elkeles said...

Oooh, Heather. Pierce and Johnny are two of my faves! Sorry, girls, but George doesn't do it for me. I saw him on an interview once and he seemed so arrogant and humility. It turned me off totally. I'm a Brad fan, I think he looks way better than before.
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TinaFerraro said...

Kelly, I looked up Skeet Ulrich--didn't know who he was--and while he's a tad under 40, I admit he's mighty fine!

And yep, Anthony Michael Hall is another hottie, as is Kevin "back of the limo" Costner, Pierce Brosnon, and how did I forget Johnny Depp?

And TJ, yeah, I loved reading about George's plans to razz Brad about tying him for two wins. Part of George's appeal is definitely his humor (although I'm happy I missed him on the talk show you saw, Simone).

Thanks for jumping in, everyone.


Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't post twice ... computer glitch or something.

Anyway, I think Sean Connery should make the list, though he's in the upper age bracket.

And Kelly and Tina, I had the good fortune to be in a movie with Skeet Ulrich. (Nobody's Baby, not so well known, but a very cute flick.) Not only is he HOT, he's very nice. And that just makes him hotter in my book!

Wendy Toliver

TinaFerraro said...

Wow, Wendy. :) I just looked the movie up on IMBD, and it seems very interesting. And great to hear he's a nice guy.

Thanks for sharing that!