Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Faint by Numbers

I’d heard about it, I’d seen others wailing in the throes. But I thought I could handle it, could keep it under control. Until a couple weeks ago, when my agent, Nadia Cornier, officially diagnosed me:

I’ve Got Ratings-itis.

A compulsive illness that strikes some writers during a book release, Ratings-itis manifests itself in the compulsion to check your Barnes & Noble and Amazon “numbers” all day long. (Okay, all night, too, but having come to the conclusion that B & N doesn’t do a list shift until mid-morning, I have been sleeping better.)

The sufferer is not only obsessed with her moment-to-moment standings, but loses her grip on reality enough to think others care, too. Therefore, anyone she happens to see--say, in the produce section--is fair game for a full assessment. Paperback versus Library Issue Hardcover. B & N versus Amazon. The fact the victim starts backing away only encourages the afflicted to talk louder.

I’d like to believe that researchers are working on a cure. (Perhaps Xanax?) But until then, if you or anyone you know has suffered from Ratings-itis--and gone on to lead a normal and productive life--please, share.

I have no where to go but up. Well, unless you’re talking ratings, in which where I really want to go is down...

(P.S. to those who don’t know my humor--I AM kidding here. Sort of.)

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Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

lol, Tina! I wish I had a cure, but I have a couple more months before I start. But come on, it has to be normal for newbie authors, right? Especially the google factor? *wink*

Marley Gibson said...

Dare I even tell you about Google Alerts which you can set up to alert you whenever your name, book, etc. is mentioned? Another thing to "watch." LOL!!

Marley = )

TinaFerraro said...

Oh, yes, Kelly and Marley, I'm a google alert junkie, too! :) Which came in real handy this weekend...I found out Publisher's Weekly included my book in an article about upcoming prom books! Yea!


stephhale said...

Oh, Tina, you aren't alone. My book doesn't come out until July and I already check my Amazon number all the time. I will definitely be getting NO work done the first few weeks after release! And I'm definitely signing up for google alerts! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool new design. Very nice.

Okay, Tina, I guess I just gave you more to obsess about, seeing as I just pre-ordered your book, LOL.


TinaFerraro said...

Uh-oh, Steph, you have Ratings-itis, too! Let me give you something more to obsess over: on B & N, they list the Upcoming YA Books in Bestselling order...

And Cindy, woo-hoo, thanks for feeding my need! LOL.


Natalie said...

Ha! I think it's normal,...but maybe that's because I've become obsessed with checking the location of my blog readers--love those trackers. My husband's eyes start to glaze over whenever I say something like: "Hey, someone in Hong Kong read my blog yesterday!" So keep checking your stats, Tina...I'm behind you 100%!

:-) Natalie

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Natalie! And you know you've got a regular blog reader from California. I don't miss a single post. And I can't wait to see the pictures of that Opincina tram!


Me said...

Tina, that was hilarious! (I can't wait to read your book!) I've heard of others with this illness, it's highly contagious. I'm sure I'll catch the disease as soon I show up on Amazon... until then I just keep checking occasionally to see if I've shown up yet. (Which I think doesn't have a chance of happening until at least within a year of the release date!)


Heather Davis said...

I think this is a waaay common affliction, Tina. I'm sure it'll lessen in the coming weeks. So excited for you and your book.