Monday, February 12, 2007

I've got a Grammy hangover

Boy, if you were looking for entertainment and eye candy last night, the place to be was the Grammys. So much talent all under the roof of The Staples Center! Amazing. Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Chris Brown, the Dixie Chicks, Beyonce...just wow.

Let's talk about the boys, though. Most specifically...Justin Timberlake.

His talent is unbelievable! He sings, dances, plays the piano, plays the guitar, it's just simply amazing. No lip syncing or pretending. He's for real. What you see is what you get. And is it just me or what...that he can sing high like a girl and still be amazingly cool. I love his music and I was glad to see him not only win last night, but also showcase some new talent.

These three phenomenal singers (Africa, Brenda and Robyn) were the finalists in the "My Grammy Moment" to see who would sing with Justin at the end of the show. Robyn won and was fantastic, but I have to say I really wanted Africa to win. Get this...when she was six years old, Africa (on the left) took violin from my mother! Talk about a small world! I remember she was the cutest little girl and now, she's certainly grown up into a gorgeous, talented woman.

Then, there was also Ludacris, who I think is just the cutest thing ever. He can sing and dance and he's a good actor and he's funny. Here he is accepting his award:

I love when he said, "If I'd 'a known cutting my hair off would get me a Grammy, I would have done it years ago."

It was a great event, lots of eye candy and good entertainment.

Did you watch? Any particular hottie stand out to you? Are you going to rush to the store and buy any new music today?

Marley = )
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stephhale said...

I have to admit, I forgot! I love Ludacris too, his music and his acting!


TJ Brown said...

I love Luda. I watched some of it and I think JT is way hotter as an adult than he was as a kid.

Anonymous said...

that's cool that you know one of the grammy singer chicks.

justin is hawt.

Me said...

Well... I knew it was on but... I was watching Grease You're the One That I Want.

The best thing about Timberlake is that he's grown up from the whole boy band thing (which is so hard to break out of) and is fully established as an artist in his own right. I had my doubts when he first went solo, but he's definitely on top of his game. And increasing his hottie quotient daily.

Love the Ludacris quote. =)


TinaFerraro said...

My addiction to Desperate Housewives prevented me from seeing all of it, but I sure loved seeing Sting perform. Doesn't he still look GREAT?


Dona Sarkar-Mishra said...

I was getting in touch with the YA scene, not just watching the Grammys to avoid housework, okay! ;)(This is what I told my husband)

I have to admit it...I was impressed by JT. When he was in NSync, I was in college and all those "damn untalented boy-band male Britney Spears types" got on my nervues. I didn't think he was any different.

But his latest album is different, cool and not at all the work of an ex-boybander.

I also loved Shakira's performance for "Hips Don't Lie.". As a girl with hips of my own, it was awesome to see a celeb with curves shake it like that on stage...and it was voted a Great Grammy Moment on this morning. Love her and I love that song. Though highly overplayed, everytime I hear it, my hips do a little dance as well.

Isn't Chris Brown so cute? So young and so talented?! I had no idea he was only 17.

Simone Elkeles said...

I'm still in the "don't know" column with Justin Timberlake. Sorry, but I never thought he was cute. And can someone tell me what the big deal is about John Mayer?

Luda is awesome, though!

Simone (crabby because it's cold outside)

Shannon McKelden said...

I have nothing to say about the Grammys (didn't watch), but LADIES, your new look rocks!! Love it!


Marley Gibson said...

I am TOTALLY with you, Simone, on John Mayer. He looks like a caveman to me. (No offense to the Geico guys. LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Ok. I'll come to the defense of John Mayer. It's not his looks, I LOVE his voice and his music. Something about him, gives me the chills. But then I also love Bob Dylan.

Heather Davis said...

I thought it was a great show. I loved JT. Told you I'd be dancing. Sad that none of my fave, fave bands won, but I was happy for Mary J. Blige and the Dixie Chicks. Man that Chris Brown rocks, too.

And, ugh, on John Mayer. What happened to him? Was it Jessica?