Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Bad Boy Philosophy

Boys who think they’re bad are not bad boys. A true bad boy doesn’t think about it at all, he just is the way he is.

So, it cracks me up when guys who are obviously not bad boys try to come off like they are. He gets the armload of tattoos. He buys the loud and expensive motorcycle. He grows his hair long or at least wears it unruly.
And then you find out he’s in dental school.

Yeah. Not so tough. You can buy the trappings of bad-boyhood, but you can’t fake the bad boy persona.

That’s not to say that educated or just plain smart guys can’t be bad boys. I’m always charmed by the boys who appear tough on the outside, but on the inside they’ve got a huge brain and and even bigger heart.

In fact, in my book Never Cry Werewolf, my hero is like that. Austin is the son of a rockstar with a family secret. He's never been able to trust anyone with the truth. He’s been hurt before and would rather lash out than take a chance with his heart.

Which brings me to my favorite original bad boy... Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.

He may not have the motorcycle or the tattoos but he’s definitely got the bad boy emotional attitude and philosophy: Say it like it is. Go your own way. Don’t show your feelings. Keep your distance. But on the inside he's our dark hero... and he gets transformed by love!

What do you guys think? Is Mr. Darcy an emotional bad boy?

Heather Davis
is the author of Never Cry Werewolf
Coming in 2008 from HarperCollins


TinaFerraro said...

Yes, Mark Darcy is the quintessential Bad Boy (although excuse me if he'll always be played by Colin Firth in my mind). Handsome, remote, sullen, with The Walk. And as far as his "wheels", I think he looks pretty Bad Boy on the back of a horse, too!

stephhale said...

Hilarious and so true about the dental school bad boy wannabee! Can you blame a guy though after we've just spent a week explaining why we love them? :)
Mr. Darcy was definitely bad!

Me said...

I never thought about it, but you are so right. The whole emotional distance thing, hard-core loyalty to his own, and the complete confidence in himself... all that adds up to make it a killer moment when he says, "I must tell you how much I admire and love you." My heart still tweak when I think about it.

[who is so with Tina on the Colin Firth-ness.]

Simone Elkeles said...

Wait...which picture is that from? Because I just watched hours and hours of the Pride and Prejudice with Colin from Bridget Jones' Diary and it isn't the same guy.

Yeah, he's a great character! Love the brooding eyes!