Saturday, April 14, 2007

Boy Next Door or Boy in Detention?

We've covered the allure of the bad boy in recent weeks, but what about the boy next door?

I don't know about you, but I've always found something hot about love revealed that was always right there all along.

Often times, our heroines are the girls overlooked (see Lainey in She's All That for ex.) who end up with the out-in-front alpha guys.

There are twists on this, of course (and no, I won't post a picture of Heath in 10 Things this time, but you know I'm talking about that movie!)

But it's often more interesting (at least to me) when the heroine gets to be the alpha, and the boy next door becomes the unexpected hero.
See the great 80's romantic-comedy Better Off Dead for a prime example.

Our boy Lane Myers is average yet heroic, wins the heart of the hot exchange student (she is waaay beyond a stereotype herself!) and defeats the studly captain of the ski team.

Love that John Cusack!

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do you love it when the not-so-studly guy overcomes the odds to win our heroine's heart?


Heather Davis is the author of
Never Cry Werewolf
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Me said...

Most of the time I'm an alpha guy kinda girl... but, I am a sucker for the guy who stays out of the spotlight by choice. Like he thinks the being popular is overrated and hangs out below the radar.

Sadly, in most teen books/movies, the guys who are unpopular really wish they weren't (thinking of Ethan Embry in Can't Hardly Wait). Those guys don't do much for me.

Fun post Heather!

stephhale said...

Better off Dead is such a classic. I think I've seen that movie a hundred times. "I want my two dollars." Yes, I am a luzer!
I love it when the not so alpha character (m or f) gets the hottie. This seems to be a theme I run through most of my books also!

Simone Elkeles said...

I remember "Can't Buy me Love" and that other movie with C. Thomas Howell and that wife of Jesse's from Full House...LOVED that movie, about the normal girl who got the cool guys.


alexgirl said...

I luh-uv Better of Dead. I was just talking with some friends about his crazy best friend's "habit". So funny.
Yeah, I gotta love the good guy. So maybe "nice guys finish last", but hey, they still finish, and get the girl usually!
I watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High last night and even though Jennifer Jason-Leigh goes for Vic Damone at first, she ends up with the "nice guy" that works at the movie theater.

alexgirl said...

PS-just read Simone's comment. Can't Buy Me Love used to be one of my favorite movies. I actually netflixed it last week for old times sake and still loved it.
The other movie is Secret Admirer, not as good, but still fits the mold.

Marley Gibson said...

I can't believe Simone hasn't seen CAN'T BUY ME LOVE!!! What a classic movie...Patrick Dempsey...swoon. I was thinking of CAN'T HARDLY WAIT as well, Tera. It's great in movies like that because the guy who might not be so studly become studly at the end when they get the girl.

Susan Hatler said...

Alpha girl, alpha guy. . . either way works for me. My all time faves are Some Kind of Wonderful, Pretty in Pink, Can't Buy Me Love (like everyone else), and even A Walk To Remember (though that doesn't have the happiest ending).

Paula said...

I'm biased because I married the boy next door. :-) And add another one onto the Alpha guy bandwagon.